What is Bak Foong pills for?

What is Bak Foong pills for?

Bak Foong Pills, a traditional Chinese formulation for use in gynaecological disorders, has long been thought as effective in the treatment of dysmenorrhoeal symptoms.

Is Bak Foong Pill good?

There have been references to the use of Bak Foong Pills in Chinese text for ∼300 years (Zheng et al., 2000) and clinical data shows it has been effective in the treatment of early, delayed and prolonged menstrual flows, and also general reduction in menstrual discomfort following 1 month of treatment (0.5 g/kg daily) …

Can I take Bak Foong pills during period?

Made from an age-old prescribed formula, Eu Yan Sang’s Gold Label Bak Foong Pills are suitable for the hectic lifestyles of today’s women. With regular consumption, not only will it help alleviate menstrual symptoms, improve the health of your womb and maintain vitality so that you can be your best at all times.

Is Bak Foong pills halal?

Maintain good female 👩🏻 health with Eu Yan Sang Singapore 余仁生新加坡’s (B1-35) Gold Label Bak Foong Pills, a natural long-term remedy for monthly discomforts. It is vegetarian-friendly and halal-certified so they’re suitable for Muslims 🧕 too.

How do you drink Bak Foong pills?

Directions: Swallow the pills with warm water. Recommended Serving: To promote the feeling of youthfulness and general well-being*: 1 sachet daily. To promote general postpartum health*: 10 days after childbirth, take 2 times daily, 2 sachets each time or consume chicken stew made with 4 sachets daily.

What is Gold Label Bak Foong Pill?

Eu Yan Sang Gold Label Bak Foong Pill BRAND NEW WITH SEAL Traditionally used for general weakness and health, relief if menstrual pain, regulating menstrual ailments and recuperation after childbirth. –

How eat Bai Feng Wan?

Some Bai Feng Wan recommend an intake of 10 pills daily after meals or 20 pills each dosage, 2 times daily after meals for serious conditions.

How take Bai Feng Wan?

For general body weakness: 2 capsules to be taken each time with lukewarm water, twice a day. Avoid consumption when suffering from influenza or fever. Not to be taken by pregnant women. If symptoms persist, consult a physician.

When to consume Bai Feng Wan?

It is BEST taken after your menstrual cycle. 2. Helpful in blood circulation.

Is Bai Feng Wan good?

It can relieve menstrual pain, improve circulation of the blood and provide more energy and mental alertness to help you thrive throughout the day. Bai Feng Wan has long been used in China to provide support for female menstrual cycle and to maintain a healthy female reproductive system.

When should I take Bai Foong WAN?

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