What is Bibendum?

What is Bibendum?

His Real Name is Bibendum. His real name isn’t the Michelin Man. It’s actually Bibendum, which comes from the slogan, “Nunc est bibendum,” by the poet Horace’s Odes. In English it means, “Time to drink”.

How old is Bibendum?

This can be achieved in a multitude of ways, but one of the best examples can be found in a symbol that is now 116 years old: the Michelin Man, or Bibendum, as he was formally known.

Who is also known as Bibendum?

Widely-known as the “Michelin Man,” who has been the beloved face of the MICHELIN brand since 1898, the tubby white mascot’s name is actually Bibendum (or Bib for short). He even has a category for value-for-money restaurants in MICHELIN’s guidebooks—the Bib Gourmand—named after him.

Why is Bibendum white?

Facebook/Michelin USA Because tires were whitish-gray in the early 1900s, Bibendum was white. That gave him a rather frightening, mummified look in early depictions. Over the years, a number of artists illustrated Bibendum, giving him a wide range of characteristics and humor.

What language is Bibendum?

Bibendum (French pronunciation: ​[bibɛ̃dɔm]), commonly referred to in English as the Michelin Man or Michelin Tyre Man, is the official mascot of the Michelin tyre company.

Why is it called Michelin?

The Unexpected Origins of the Michelin Guide The first Michelin Guide was compiled in 1900 by Michelin Tire founders, French industrialist Andre Michelin, along with his brother Edouard Michelin. They wanted to create demand for automobiles, and therefore, the tires they manufactured.

What does Nunc est Bibendum mean?

Now is the time for drinking
“Nunc est bibendum” (“Now is the time for drinking”), sometimes known as the “Cleopatra Ode”, is one of the most famous of the odes of the Roman lyric poet Horace, published in 23 BCE as Poem 37 in the first book of Horace’s collected “Odes” or “Carmina”.

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