What is Bowen famous for?

What is Bowen famous for?

Bowen Mangoes
North Queensland’s oldest town, Bowen is well known for two main reasons – it is the home of Bowen Mangoes (a popular variety of the mango fruit) and it was the main filming location for the famous movie Australia in 2008.

Which famous landmark is found in Bowen Queensland the big?

1. Horseshoe Bay Rotary Lookout. Great view of Horseshoe Bay after a short scenic walk with huge boulders and interesting bush on the way up.

Can you swim in the ocean at Bowen QLD?

A quick google search shows that the most common question asked about Bowen beaches is “Can you swim at Bowen beaches?” The answer is yes. During the warmer months (between November and May) it is a good idea to bring a stinger suit as there can be jellyfish in the waters.

Is Bowen a safe place to live?

The safest spot to live in in Bowen would be Queens Beach because there is mainly families living there and there are plice watch houses and heaps of nice, friendly, social people live there. There are parks, skate bowls and convienence stores a school and nice residential areas for families.

Is Bowen worth visiting?

Bowen is absolutely horrible! Just becsuse it has some of the most beautiful beaches in QLD, acess the reef for free some beaches have fringeing reefs. The film Australia was mainly filmed here and surrounds.

Are there crocodiles at Bowen beaches?

Bowen is well within known crocodile country. DES strongly reminds residents and visitors that no matter how many crocodiles have been removed, no waterway in croc country can ever be considered to be free of crocodiles.

How many murals are there in Bowen?

Bowen’s Murals Bowen has 27 murals.

Are there crocodiles in Bowen beaches?

Are there stinger nets in Bowen?

Bowen Courthouse, built in 1883, is also impressive. The beaches lie 2 km north of town. Queens Beach has a stinger net for the jellyfish season and Horseshoe Bay is good for swimming or snorkelling.

What is there to do between Bowen and Townsville?

Spot a platypus at Eungella National Park near Mackay. Discover the murals in the historic centre of Bowen (and don’t miss the Big Mango on the way in). Hike the five kilometres of the Cape Edgecumbe walking track to see Bowen’s beaches. Stroll along The Strand in Townsville to explore the city’s waterfront.

Is there an airport at Bowen?

Bowen Airport (IATA: ZBO, ICAO: YBWN) is located at Bowen, Queensland, Australia.

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