What is cage culture in aquaculture?

What is cage culture in aquaculture?

Cage aquaculture involves the growing of fishes in existing water resources while being enclosed in a net cage which allows free flow of water. It is an aquaculture production system made of a floating frame, net materials and mooring system (with rope, buoy, anchor etc.)

How many types of cage culture are there?

Four types of cage are used in cage aquaculture: fixed, floating, submersible and submerged. The fixed cage is the most basic and widely used in shallow water with a depth of – metres.

How does cage culture work?

Cage culture uses existing water resources (ponds, rivers, estuaries, open ocean, etc.) but confines the fish inside some type of mesh enclosure. The mesh retains the fish, making it easier to feed, observe and harvest them.

Where is cage culture done?

In the US the majority of cage culture is practiced in ponds or quarries. Not all ponds and quarries are suitable for cage culture of fish. Many failures in cage production have occurred because of poor site selection.

What are the components of fish cage?

Cage components consist of a frame, mesh or netting, feeding ring, lid, and flotation. Cage shape may be round, square, or rectangular. Shape does not appear to affect production with most freshwater species. Cage size depends on the size of the pond, the availability of aera- tion, and the method of harvest.

What is the advantage of fish cage?

The advantages of cage culture include: Stocking catfish into a cage (photo courtesy of David Cline, Auburn University). Many water resources can potentially be used, including ponds, lakes, strip pits, rivers, and streams. Cage culture requires a relatively small financial investment.

Which country started the cage culture?

Korea started cage culture in the late 1970s and by the end of 1980, cage culture of the olive flounder (Paralichthys olivacens) and black rockfish (Sebastes schlegeli) was established, and developed into a successful aquaculture industry in the 1990s. Cage culture of groupers (Epinephelus spp.)

What is cage culture mention its importance?

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