What is conditioned stimulus simple definition?

What is conditioned stimulus simple definition?

A conditioned stimulus is a stimulus that can eventually trigger a conditioned response. In the described experiment, the conditioned stimulus was the ringing of the bell, and the conditioned response was salivation. It is important to note that the neutral stimulus becomes the conditioned stimulus.

What is conditioned response in simple words?

A conditioned response is a behavior that does not come naturally, but must be learned by the individual by pairing a neutral stimulus with a potent stimulus. The potent stimulus is one that does not require any learning or conditioning to respond to appropriately.

What is conditioned stimulus quizlet?

Conditioned stimulus. A stimulus that causes a response that is learned. Conditioned response. A learned response to a stimulus that was previously neutral. Extinction.

What is conditioned and unconditioned stimulus?

Conditioned and unconditioned stimuli are two types of stimuli that trigger responses in humans or animals. A conditioned stimulus is a learned stimulus. In contrast, an unconditioned stimulus is any stimulus that naturally and automatically triggers a specific response.

What is the conditioned stimulus in the Little Albert experiment?

Conditioned Stimulus: A stimulus that elicits a response after repeatedly being paired with an unconditioned stimulus (the white rat). Conditioned Response: The response caused by the conditioned stimulus (fear).

Can a person be a conditioned stimulus?

Some time is required for a neutral stimulus to become a conditioned stimulus. This period is called the acquisition phase. During this time, humans or animals learn to connect the neutral stimulus with the unconditioned response. These repeated connections transform the neutral stimulus into a conditioned stimulus.

What is an example of a conditioned behavior?

For example, imagine that you are conditioning a dog to salivate in response to the sound of a bell. You repeatedly pair the presentation of food with the sound of the bell. You can say the response has been acquired as soon as the dog begins to salivate in response to the bell tone.

What are some examples of conditioned response?

The fear of water is a conditioned response. Here are a few more examples of conditioned responses. If a mother’s young children always hear the garage door opening before she enters the house after coming home from work, they will learn to associate the sound of the garage opening with her return.

What is an example of a conditioned stimulus?

The dogs in his experiment would salivate in response to food, but after repeatedly pairing the presentation of food with the sound of a bell, the dogs would begin to salivate to the sound alone. In this example, the sound of the bell was the conditioned stimulus.

What does the word conditioning mean quizlet?

Conditioning. Type of learning that involves stimulus based response connections. Classical conditioning. Form of learning where one stimulus calls forth the response usually called by another stimulus. Unconditioned stimulus (US)

Whats the difference between a conditioned and unconditioned response?

Unconditioned Response and Conditioned Response Differences The unconditioned response is innate and requires no prior learning. The conditioned response will occur only after an association has been made between the UCS and the CS. The conditioned response is a learned response.