What is cool fire IV?

What is cool fire IV?

The Cool Fire IV allows you to switch between variable voltage and variable wattage mode. To switch to wattage mode hold the power button and the plus button together. Similarly, to switch to voltage mode hold the power button and the minus button together.

What is the best tank for cool fire IV?

Compatibility. The CoolFire IV vapes perfectly with the Innokin iSub Apex & iSub-G Sub Ohm tanks.

How do I change my cool fire IV to Watts?

To switch to watts, hold down the fire button at the same time with “+” button. If you want to enter Variable Voltage mode, hold the fire button and “-“ button down together.

Why does my cool fire IV says shorted?

A ‘Shorted’ or ‘Check Atomiser’ error message means somewhere in the device’s connection, the atomiser is causing an electrical short circuit. To resolve the issue, you will need to replace the coil in the tank.

How do you fill a cool fire 4 tank?

Remove the airflow section from the base of the tank. Fuss-free, simply pull the coil from the base of the tank and unscrew the rest of the base from the chamber. This more than adequately sized mini-tank means there’s plenty of room for your e juice dripper tool to fill the tank and keep free from spillages.

Why is my cool fire IV not working?

If the device does not respond and the switch is On, connect your CoolFire IV into a good wall charger (has to be 5V/1A). Could be the battery might be needing a higher level of charge that the USB connector does not provide.

What coils fit CoolFire IV?

Typically, the CoolFire IV is commonly paired with one of our popular line of MTL/sub-ohm styled tanks, the iSub or iSub-G. Both are fully compatible with our iSub line of coils, offering lots of varied vaping experiences from full MTL style coils to DTL (direct-to-lung) dense sub-ohm coils.

How do you fill an iSub tank?

How to Fill the iSub Tank.

  1. Unscrew the bottom of the tank and airflow section by twisting anti-clockwise (if you are unsure which pieces to unscrew please see Separate FAQ entitled Dismantling)
  2. Fill the tank avoiding the centre stem and being careful to not overfill.

How do I change my innokin settings?

Should you wish to change the setting, hold either the “+ or -” button for a few seconds until the current power setting starts flashing then let go. Once the display is flashing, you can increase or decrease the setting as required. The display will cycle from 6.0W to 40.0W (in 0.5 steps).

What is the meaning of shorted in vape?

If your vape flashes up an error message saying shorted or something similar, it is telling you that there is an electrical short occurring. When an electrical short happens the built-in protection circuit on a regulated MOD will kick in, and this will stop your e-cigarette from working.?

What does coil short mean?

Coils may have a short Also, some people may misjudge the size of their builds, causing their coil to touch the chamber and short out—and that will cause an “atomizer short” or an “atomizer low” error. Remedy: For factory coils, first make sure your coil is properly seated. If it still doesn’t work, try another coil.


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