What is Counselling in WBJEE?

What is Counselling in WBJEE?

In WBJEE Counselling allotment of seats is done through the rank scored by a candidate in WBJEE 2022 or JEE Main for B.Tech and B.Pharma and through NATA for B.Arch counselling process. The final document verification will be done at the respective colleges.

Who are eligible for WBJEE Counselling?

WBJEE Eligibility criteria and Requirements 2022

Criteria Requirement
Domicile No prior requirement of West Bengal domicile status
Nationality Must be a citizen of India
Minimum Age Requirement 17 years as on December 31, 2021
Academic Requirement Passed or appearing in Class 12th with required compulsory subjects

How many choices Can be filled in WBJEE counselling?

How many choices can I fill in WBJEE counselling? The candidates can fill a minimum of 20 choices for better admission chances.

Which rank is considered in WBJEE Counselling?

Answer. The GMR rank is considered for counselling but you will get seat according to your category rank.

What is paid Counselling?

In paid counselling, we perform complete review of students’ profile through career guidance test, understand their career interest and provide comprehensive information about appropriate course and college, considering their needs.

Is WBJEE Counselling fee refundable?

The seat acceptance fee (full amount) is refunded to the candidate if he/she withdraws from e- counselling within the given stipulated period.

What is the pass marks of WBJEE?

Marks Required General category candidates should have scored an aggregate of 45% in the three compulsory subjects in 10+2th (or equivalent) examination. Reserved category candidates should have secured an aggregate of 40% marks.

Can a Delhi student apply for WBJEE?

Yes, you can apply for WBJEE if you are a non-resident. However, you will only be applicable for admission to Jadavpur University.

When did Counselling start?

History. The term “counselling” is of American origin, coined by Carl Rogers, who, lacking a medical qualification was prevented from calling his work psychotherapy. In the U.S., counselling psychology, like many modern psychology specialties, started as a result of World War II.

Is 70 a good score in WBJEE?

Tech & B. Pharm courses in West Bengal. Check details on what can be a very good, good, average and low score & rank in the WBJEE entrance exam….Good Scores in WBJEE 2022 for B. Tech Admission.

Very Good Score 180+
Good Score 130+
Average Score 100+
Low Score 70 or below

What rank is required for WBJEE to get government college?

70+ marks for Government College of Engineering & Leather Technology. 70+ marks for Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology. 65+ marks for University of Kalyani. 60+ marks for University Institute of.

Do we have to pay for Counselling?

Answer. Hey! Generally, yes one requires to make the payment for counselling to a college or University.