What is diffusion and foreclosure?

What is diffusion and foreclosure?

Diffusion status represents a person who has little or no sense of crisis or exploration and no firm set of commitments. Foreclosure represents an individual who has accepted commitments but not based on exploration or searching.

What is foreclosure in psychology?

Identity foreclosure is a stage of self-identity discovery in which an individual has an identity but hasn’t explored other options or ideas. Most common in young adolescents, in this stage the individual has just adopted the traits and qualities of parents and friends.

Is an example of identity foreclosure?

Identity foreclosure occurs when people think they know who they are, but they have not even explored their options yet. Perhaps they grew up in a Christian home, attended Christian schools, and associated primarily with others in the faith. They may identify as a Christian without ever questioning their belief system.

What is diffusion status?

Key Takeaways: Identity Diffusion Identity diffusion occurs when an individual hasn’t committed to an identity and isn’t working to form one. Many people experience, and eventually grow out of, a period of identity diffusion in childhood or early adolescence.

What is diffusion identity?

1. lack of stability or focus in the view of the self or in any of the elements of an individual’s identity. It is common especially in borderline personality disorder.

What is diffusion in psychology?

the process by which knowledge, innovation, language, or cultural characteristics are spread within or between cultures or communities.

What is an example of foreclosure in psychology?

What is an example of identity diffusion?

Here are some examples of identity diffusion. A pre-teenager is asked about her political affiliation – whether she is a Republican, Democrat, or some third party. After thinking about it for a moment, she says that she does not identify with any political party and really doesn’t know much about politics.

What is identity foreclosure according to Marcia?

Identity-Foreclosure status is the status for those who have made a commitment to an identity without having explored the options. The individual has not engaged in any identity experimentation and has established an identity based on the choices or values of others.

Which is an example of diffusion?

diffusion, process resulting from random motion of molecules by which there is a net flow of matter from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration. A familiar example is the perfume of a flower that quickly permeates the still air of a room.