What is DNA in Cisco?

What is DNA in Cisco?

Cisco DNA is a controller-based architecture. Having Cisco DNA Center at its core, Cisco DNA provides the policy, automation, and analytics required to adapt to change, simplify and scale operations, and protect against degradation and threats.

How much power does a Cisco 9300 use?

715 watts
Its internal power supply provides a power of 715 watts for effective functioning. Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series switches support dual redundant power supplies.

What is the difference between Cisco Prime and DNA?

Cisco Prime simplifies network management, improves operations efficiency, reduces errors, and makes the delivery of network services more predictable. Cisco DNA Center is a complete management and control platform for your network, designed, created, and implemented by Cisco.

Is Cisco DNA cloud based?

Cisco DNA Center Cloud is a cloud-based network management system and foundational controller for Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) capable devices.

How much does a Cisco 9300 switch weight?

Cisco Catalyst 9300 – switch – 48 ports – managed – rack-mountable

Width 17.5 in
Depth 17.5 in
Height 1.7 in
Weight 16.73 lbs

What are the primary features of the 3750-X and 3560-x series?

Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Series primary features: ● 24 and 48 10/100/1000 PoE+, non-PoE models, and 12 and 24 GE SFP port models ● 24 and 48 10/100/1000 UPOE-capable models with Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) support ● Four optional uplink network modules with GE or 10GE ports

What is the Catalyst 3750-X series?

High Availability The Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series increases availability for stackable switches. Each switch can operate both as primary controller and as forwarding processor. Each switch in the stack can serve as a primary, creating a 1:N availability scheme for network control.

What is the end of sale date for the 3750-X series switches?

Cisco Catalyst 3750-X Series Switches Product Type Campus LAN Switches – Access Status End of Sale EOL Details Series Release Date 15-MAR-2010 End-of-Sale Date 30-OCT-2016 Details End-of-Support Date 31-OCT-2021 Details

What spare power cords are available for the Cisco Catalyst 3750-X?

Spare Power Cords for the Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Series Spare Accessory and Rack Mount Kits for the Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Series Extension rails and brackets for four-point mounting for Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Series FIPS Accessory Kit for the Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Series

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