What is Dulce Candy real name?

What is Dulce Candy real name?

Dulce Candy Tejeda Ruiz is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle content creator and the CEO of Dulce Candy, Inc. She’s also the author of a book titled “The Sweet Life.” In 2008 she started a YouTube channel, DulceCandy78 , posting video makeup tutorials that she created in her spare time.

Where is Dulce Candy from?

Zacapu, MexicoDulce Candy / Place of birthZacapu, is a city and surrounding municipality in the Nahuatzen mountains of Michoacán, Mexico. It is located at 19°49′N 101°48′W. The municipality has an area of 455.96 km². Geographic features in Zacapu include the Cerro del Tecolote mountain range. Wikipedia

How did Dulce Candy get famous?

In 2009 Dulce appeared as a “Beauty Smartie” in Seventeen Magazine becoming more serious about her work social digital presence. Today Dulce Candy is a successful video blogger who publishes Do-It-Yourself and tutorial videos to her enormously popular YouTube channel DulceCandy87.

What happened Dulce Candy?

She explained that it was naturally time to let go of this journey so she could commit to her newest venture, titled Sweet Soul. Dulce said that the decision to quit her main YouTube channel was all about “shifting and progressing” into the next area of her life that could be more expansive for her.

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