What is EasyLap?

What is EasyLap?

EasyLap™ panel is a pre-primed fibre cement sheet with a shiplap joint along its two vertical edges. Panels are finished with a site-applied, roll-on textured acrylic paint to achieve a subtle rendered texture look.

What is James Hardie cladding made of?

fibre cement
James Hardie uses fibre cement to make products look like other materials such as timber weatherboards, vertical joint timber, rendered walls and metal panels. Usually due to a durability, cost or installation efficiency advantage.

What is Scyon cladding?

Scyon Cladding A technology allowing fibre cement boards, sheets and trims to be beautiful and easy to build with. The low density formulation means the Scyon product range can be 16mm thick for compelling cladding profiles and weatherboards with luxurious deep shadow lines.

What is Blueboard cladding?

Blueboard is a type of drywall or plasterboard sheet that is approximately 7.5 mm thick that is used to line the external walls of a building as a type of cladding. It is typically nailed or fixed to a timber or steel frame which provides the structural support.

What size is Blueboard?

Very popular primed cement sheet in standard sizes. Commonly used for rendered walls or external cladding. This item is a 3000mm x 1200mm sheet.

Is James Hardie an Australian company?

Using the technical and manufacturing expertise it developed in Australia, James Hardie expanded its operations, in particular to the US, to become a leading, specialised manufacturer of a wide range of fibre cement building materials.

Is James Hardie cladding primed?

All Scyon boards and sheets are pre-primed or pre-sealed to save time or increase performance. Each sheet and board product has its own range of sizes or profiles.

Is Blueboard discontinued?

Discontinued from 2 August 2021 in favour of a more contemporary product.

What’s the difference between blue board and green board?

While standard drywall is the gray hue you are probably familiar with, some specialty drywall is known by its color, much like blue board. Green board is a term used for mold-resistant drywall that is common in bathrooms and other moisture prone places.

How do you cut blue board sheets?

Follow these steps to use a grinder to cut blueboard….Method 3: Use A Grinder

  1. Step 1: Gather The Materials.
  2. Step 2: Attach Blueboard To Cutting Frame.
  3. Step 3: Slowly Grind Down The Line.
  4. Step 4: Grind The Edge.

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