What is ENT anatomy?

What is ENT anatomy?

The ear has three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear, and inner ear. The middle ear is connected to the top of the back of the throat by the Eustachian tube which is lined with mucous, just like the inside of the nose and throat….Our Locations.

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What structures are found in an insect’s abdomen?

In most insects clear segmentation can be seen in the abdomen. The abdomen contains the heart, reproductive organs, mid-gut and other digestive organs.

What are abdominal appendages in insects?

In females, paired appendages of the eighth and ninth abdominal segment fit together to form an egg-laying mechanism called the ovipositor. These appendages consist of four valvifers (basal sclerites with muscle attachments) and six valvulae (apical sclerites which guide the egg as it emerges from the female’s body).

Which part of the body is called the groin?

Overview. The inguinal region of the body, also known as the groin, is located on the lower portion of the anterior abdominal wall, with the thigh inferiorly, the pubic tubercle medially, and the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) superolaterally.

Where are the ossicles located?

The middle ear consists of the tympanic membrane and the bony ossicles called the malleus, incus, and stapes. These three ossicles connect the tympanic membrane to the inner ear allowing for the transmission of sound waves.

What is in an insect’s thorax?

The insect thorax consists of three segments (called the prothorax, mesothorax, and metathorax), which may be fused but are usually recognizable. Each segment has four groups of hard plates (sclerites); the groups are the notum (upper), the pleura (sides), and the sternum (underside).

Where are the cerci located?

Cerci (singular cercus) are paired appendages on the rear-most segments of many arthropods, including insects and symphylans. Many forms of cerci serve as sensory organs, but some serve as pinching weapons or as organs of copulation. In many insects, they simply may be functionless vestigial structures.

What is Epiproct and Paraproct?

In all insects the 11th segment is reduced. In the grasshopper, the 11th segment is reduced to a tergal plate called the epiproct, and 2 lateroventral plates called paraprocts. It can also be united with the 10th segment (as in some Homoptera) to form an anal tube.

What is the abdominal segment?

ab·do·men. (ăb′də-mən) n. 1. The part of the body that lies between the thorax and the pelvis and encloses the stomach, intestines, liver, spleen, and pancreas in humans and other mammals.

What is the area between your belly button and groin?

The umbilical region, is one of the nine regions of the abdomen. It is the region that surrounds the area around the umbilicus and is placed approximately half way between the xiphoid process and the pubic symphysis.