What is error 1 on Canon printer?

What is error 1 on Canon printer?

E, 1, 6 (LED display) The ink has run out. Replace the ink cartridge and close the paper output cover. If printing is in progress and you want to continue printing, press the machine’s Stop/Reset button for at least 5 seconds with the ink cartridge installed. Then printing can continue under the ink out condition.

What does error mean on Canon printer?

Cause and Action for Error and Support Codes

Error Code Support Code Cause
E08 1700 1712 1714 Ink absorber is almost full.
E09 1890 Protective material or tape may still be attached to ink cartridge holder.
E11 4102 4103 Cannot perform printing with current print settings.
E12 4100 Specified data cannot be printed.

How do I fix my Canon o2 error?

If error 02 (Card problem) is displayed, remove and reinstall the card or format the card. This may resolve the problem. Attention: When the card is formatted, all images and data on the card will be erased.

What is o2 error on Canon printer?

Causes of this error: – The printer has run out of paper – Paper is not inserted Properly – Wrong paper size – Incorrect paper type – Incorrect paper size – Dirty paper feed rollers – Activate subtitles in your language – For any question or suggestion leave a comment. ————————————————– …

What does error 02 mean on a Canon camera?

The Err 02 code message indicates a problem with the camera SD card, in which the Canon DSLR is not able to access the memory card to save photos and videos. This can happen due to several reasons such as, camera card is not inserted properly, its memory is full, has turned corrupt, or damaged.

How do I factory reset my Canon Pixma printer?

1 Factory Reset

  1. Press Setup.
  2. Press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Device settings and then press OK.
  3. Press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Reset setting and then press OK.
  4. Press the arrow buttons until you navigate to Reset all and then press OK.
  5. Select Yes.
  6. Press OK. Your device is now reset.