What is fern pattern?

What is fern pattern?

ferning. [fern´ing] the appearance of a fernlike pattern in a dried specimen of cervical mucus, an indication of the presence of estrogen, usually seen at the midpoint of the menstrual cycle; it can be helpful in the determination of ovulation. The same phenomenon occurs with premature rupture of the fetal membranes.

What does Ferning mean in pregnancy?

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says that ferning is a confirmatory test for ruptured membranes, to be used along with pooling in the vaginal vault, and that premature membrane rupture is confirmed by fluid passing from the cervical canal.

What will cervical mucus be like if pregnant?

During the first weeks of a pregnancy, cervical mucus may change in color and consistency. You may notice stickier, white, or yellow mucus, known as leucorrhea. As your pregnancy progresses, your vaginal discharge may continue to change.

What does infertile cervical mucus look like?

White, thick discharge is considered infertile cervical mucus. That makes sense, as you most often see this type of mucus when you’re no longer fertile — between ovulation and the start of your period. Regardless of color or texture, discharge keeps the tissues in your vagina healthy and lubricated.

Does cervical mucus fern?

When high levels of estrogen are present, such as just before ovulation (or during pregnancy), the cervical mucus forms fern-like patterns due to crystallization of sodium chloride on mucus fibers. This pattern is known as arborization or ‘ferning’.

Does blood interfere with Ferning?

We conclude that the presence of blood may alter the morphology of the fern, but does not act as a contaminant that would affect the accuracy of the test.

How accurate is the fern test?

The diagnosis of rupture of the membranes by traditional methods of nitrazine paper determination and fern crystallization has been reported to be 93-98% accurate.

How long after full Ferning does ovulation occur?

The saliva-testers often show the start of ferning about three or four days before ovulation, while the monitors can give users a jump of five or six days. Research has shown that women are most likely to get pregnant in the days preceding actual ovulation.

What does Ferning saliva mean?

A ferning test uses a tiny microscope to view a drop of saliva once a day from the last day of a woman’s period until a fern-like pattern appears in the saliva. The fern pattern indicates ovulation is about to occur.

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