What is form based design?

What is form based design?

• Form-based codes are the result of a public design process, which creates a clear vision for a district or neighborhood. • Form-based codes use illustrations to explain design elements rather than using numeric standards and text.

What is an element of form based code?

A form-based code is a land development regulation that fosters predictable built results and a high-quality public realm by using physical form (rather than separation of uses) as the organizing principle for the code.

How are form based codes used?

Form Based Codes (FBC) is a planning and zoning tool that is used for regulating development using physical form rather than land use segregation as the organizing principle for the code. It aims at contributing to better quality of life by fostering a high-quality public realm.

What is form based code Chappaqua?

A well-conceived Form Based Code only results from a Town that openly pursues, and effectively obtains, abundant public input in order to generate well-rounded smart growth that addresses the community’s consensus as to development.

Are form-based codes good?

In short, a form-based code puts the emphasis on making sure the buildings in a neighborhood are compatible with their surroundings, while letting the mix of actual activities in them be more eclectic.

What is form-based interface?

A form-based interface uses text-boxes, drop- down menus, text areas, check boxes, radio boxes and buttons to create an electronic form which a user completes in order to enter data into a system.

Are all form-based codes based on transect?

Because they are based on the physical form of the built and natural environment, all transect-based codes are form-based codes. The SmartCode, released in 2003, is the pioneering transect-based model code.

Why are form-based zoning codes becoming so popular?

Form-based code zoning is much friendlier to developers in areas like this. A developer might have more leeway to build a unique residential project in a desirable location–based on the number of units, height, and design – rather than be limited to only a commercial or high-rise development.

What is Euclidean zoning?

Legal Definition of Euclidean zoning : a system of zoning whereby a town or community is divided into areas in which specific uses of land are permitted.

What is functional zoning in architecture?

Functional zoning is a term used to describe the phenomenon when buildings of the same function cluster together in an area of a city or town. Sometimes zoning laws require that uses be concentrated in a particular area.

Why are form based zoning codes becoming so popular?