What is French Guiana best known for?

What is French Guiana best known for?

Guyana’s most famous attractions is the Iles du Salut archipelago, which includes the infamous Devil’s Island, where political prisoners and Henri Charriere’s Papillon were held.

What is there for visitors in French Guiana?

The capital of French Guiana is the city of Cayenne, which is where popular tourist attractions are located. For example, the Place de Grenoble, the Museum of Culture, the French fort’s ruins and even the Lussauds Canal.

Is French Guiana safe for tourists?

Crime levels are low, but serious crime does occur in French Guiana. Avoid isolated areas including beaches, particularly after dark. Do not carry large amounts of cash or jewellery with you. Leave valuables and travel documents in safety deposit boxes and hotel safes.

Who is a famous person from French Guiana?

Notable People Florent Malouda, French international football player. Henri Charriere, an escaped French convict, imprisoned in and around French Guiana from 1933 to 1945. Malia Metella, French swimmer, SC European Championships 2004: 1st 100m free. Bernard Lama, former French international football player.

Why do people visit French Guiana?

Eco-tourism prevails in the country’s largely unspoiled wilderness, which is home to an astounding diversity of wildlife. Along the coast, nature lovers can explore bird-rich marshes, where caimans lurk, and Atlantic beaches, where turtles nest in droves.

Is French Guiana part of France?

French Guiana is governed by the provisions of the French constitution as a territorial collectivity of France and, as such, forms an integral part of the French Republic. It sends two elected representatives to the National Assembly and two to the Senate.

Where is Devil’s island?

French Guiana
Devil’s Island (French: Île du Diable) is the third-largest island of the Salvation Islands, an island group in the Atlantic Ocean. It is located approximately 14 km (9 mi) off the coast of French Guiana in South America just north of the town of Kourou.

What is French Guiana called today?

Fully integrated in the French Republic since 1946, French Guiana is a part of the European Union, and its official currency is the euro….French Guiana.

French Guiana Guyane (French)
Prefecture Cayenne
Departments 1 (every overseas region consists of a department in itself)
• Prefect Thierry Queffelec

How do you spell French Guiana?

an overseas department of France, on the NE coast of South America: formerly a French colony.

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