What is Global Relay Archive?

What is Global Relay Archive?

Global Relay Archive enriches, analyzes, and organizes your data in a scalable, cloud data store. Embedded workspaces and workflows put the right data in the hands of the right people, helping your employees work faster and smarter.

What is Global Relay email?

Global Relay Archive is a world-class compliance archiving and monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates with email and other electronic messaging systems — delivering superior message search, retrieval and review capabilities.

Does Global Relay Archive Microsoft teams?

Global Relay Archive brings compliance and control to Microsoft Teams by preserving tamperproof records of private messages, group messages, channel conversations, and shared files.

How do I access Global Relay?

Sign in to the Azure portal. Select Enterprise Applications, then select All applications. In the applications list, select Global Relay Identity Sync.

What is Global Relay used for?

Global Relay is a technology services company providing software-as-a-service electronic message archiving (e.g., email archiving), instant messaging, compliance and supervision services with a focus on highly regulated industries.

Who uses Global Relay?

Our 20,000+ customers in 90 countries include highly regulated organizations and other corporate firms, including financial services, insurance, technology, energy (oil and gas), legal, government and healthcare. Global Relay preserves more than 60 data types within a unified, highly-secure cloud repository.

Where do deleted Teams messages go?

When a message is deleted in a private chat, an end-user does not have a way to recover the message, as it does not go to the Recycle Bin. It can be recovered by an administrator from the Compliance center via eDiscovery search.

Can you restore deleted messages on Teams?

Deleted chat or channel messages cannot be restored directly. If you have a compliance retention policy or legal hold in place for Teams messages, an administrator can recover these from the Compliance center via eDiscovery search. If compliance hasn’t been enabled, the deleted messages are gone forever!

What do Global Relay do?

Global Relay is a leading provider of compliant electronic communications archiving, messaging, supervision, information governance, and eDiscovery.

Can my boss see my Teams messages?

As stated above, if you’re using Teams with a work email, your employer is probably keeping a log of all your chat conversations. This means your chats are not private. Your boss can see your Teams messages. The platform gives them this option.

How do I retrieve old Teams messages?