What is Graf Von Faber-Castell?

What is Graf Von Faber-Castell?

Graf von Faber-Castell is a line of fine writing instruments from the German stationery manufacturer Faber-Castell. It includes a line of pencils, mechanical pencils, fountain pens, and rollerball pens.

Is Faber-Castell an Australian brand?

Faber-Castell has production sites in nine countries. At the headquarters in Stein (Germany), around 200 million wood-cased pencils are produced every year.

Who is the owner of Faber-Castell?

The House of Faber-Castell is the family which founded and continues to exercise leadership within the corporation….Faber-Castell.

Type Joint stock company
Founder Kaspar Faber
Headquarters Stein, Bavaria , Germany
Area served Worldwide
Key people Stefan Leitz (CEO) Constantin Neubeck (CFO) Countess Mary von Faber-Castell

Is Faber-Castell mechanical pencil good?

Faber-Castell make a similar pencil without this setting for less than half the cost but you don’t get the metal grip, which I feel puts the pencil into a slightly more luxurious category. Compared to other pencils, this is good quality and reasonable value even if you don’t find the hard/soft setting useful.

Where is Faber-Castell manufactured?

Slate factory in Geroldsgrün Lothar von Faber founds a slate factory in the small town of Geroldsgrün in Upper Franconia. This marks a new addition to the range, which was primarily used in schools at the time.

Who is the biggest pencil manufacturer?

The Faber-Castell group
The Faber-Castell group produces over 2 billion black-lead and colour pencils every year, making it the world’s largest pencil manufacturer. Faber-Castell employs approximately 6,500 people in 16 production sites and 20 sales organizations around the world.

How much is Faber-Castell worth?

Not all its factories are in Germany. But when Faber-Castell, which is privately held and had sales of 590 million euros, or about $800 million, in its last fiscal year, manufactures in places like Indonesia and Brazil, it is at its own factories.

Where is Graf Von Faber-Castell made?

Ink from Graf von Faber-Castell, made in Germany. The manufacture of our indelible inks for fountain pens is an art form.

How do you address a Graf?

The name, as an unique identifier in the context, would be used “written by Hein Graf von Walderdorff” or “by the author Detlef Graf von W.”. If he is well known “by Graf von W.” would be sufficient.