What is ICIC LTE?

What is ICIC LTE?

Inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC) is a promising technology for alleviating this degradation and improving the bit rate at cell edges. In the LTE standard, an interface between adjacent base stations is specified for exchanging ICIC information.

What is ICIC Telecom?

In mobile telecommunications, inter-cell interference coordination (ICIC) techniques apply restrictions to the radio resource management (RRM) block, improving favorable channel conditions across subsets of users that are severely impacted by the interference, and thus attaining high spectral efficiency.

What is HetNet LTE?

Heterogeneous networks (HetNet) is a term used for modern mobile communications networks. A modern mobile communications network is comprised of a combination of different cell types and different access technologies.

What is coordinated Multi point CoMP?

Coordinated Multi-Point transmission and reception (CoMP) refers to a wide range of different techniques with the common denominator being the dynamic coordination of transmission and/or reception at multiple geographically separated sites with the aim to enhance system performance and end-user service quality.

What is inter-cell interference coordination LTE?

LTE uses frequency reuse factor of 1 in order to maximize spectrum efficiency. This inherently means that transmissions carried out on the same time-frequency resource will cause interference between different cells at cell-edges.

What is intra cell interference?

Intra-cell interference is materialized as Inter Carrier Interference( ICI) and Inter Symbol Interference(ISI), the effect of Cyclic Prefix( CP) on the network performance in terms of ICI is tested based on the simulation of the 3D reflection paths; for the adopted test area, the interfered area equals to 27.06% km2 …

What is CoMP in 4G?

4G LTE CoMP, Coordinated Multipoint is used to provide improved performance, particularly at cell edges by utilising the capability of more than one base station to enable the communciatoions.

What is CoMP 3GPP?

Coordinated Multi-Point transmission/reception (CoMP) is considered by 3GPP as a tool to improve coverage, cell-edge throughput, and/or system efficiency.

What methods will you employ to reduce interference at cell edges?

Inter-cell interference can be reduced by applying so-called downtilt to base station antennas, as illustrated in Figure 18.13.

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