What is IP bandwidth percent EIGRP?

What is IP bandwidth percent EIGRP?

EIGRP Bandwidth for IPv4 By default, EIGRP uses only up to 50 percent of an interface’s bandwidth for EIGRP information. This prevents the EIGRP process from over-utilizing a link and not allowing enough bandwidth for the routing of normal traffic.

How do I check bandwidth in EIGRP?

Route Selection

  1. Bandwidth: The bandwidth value used in the EIGRP metric calculation is determined by dividing 10,000,000 by the bandwidth (in kbps) of the slowest link along the path to the destination network.
  2. Delay: Unlike bandwidth, which represents the “weakest link,” the delay value is cumulative.

What is EIGRP configuration?

EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) is an enhanced distance vector protocol that uses Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL) for shortest path calculation. Basic configuration enables EIGRP routing process and tells EIGRP which interfaces to include in routing process locally.

How much bandwidth does EIGRP use?

EIGRP will use up to 50% of the bandwidth so that’s 128 kbps of EIGRP traffic.

What is EIGRP metric?

EIGRP determines the value of the path using five metrics: bandwidth, load, delay, reliability and MTU. EIGRP uses Five different messages to communicate with its neighbor routers. EIGRP messages are Hello, Update, Query, Reply, and Acknowledgement.

What is EIGRP number?

Router eigrp autonomous-system number – It is used to enable the EIGRP process. This AS-number is a 16-bit value between 1 and 65,535.

How do I set bandwidth in EIGRP?

By default EIGRP will use up to 50% of the interface bandwidth. To prevent EIGRP from flooding your interface(s) we can use the ip bandwidth-percent eigrp command to set this to a lower value. The router will then queue and rate-limit EIGRP traffic.

How is bandwidth to a destination network calculated by EIGRP?

How is bandwidth to a destination network calculated by EIGRP? Explanation: By default, EIGRP uses bandwidth and delay to calculate a metric to a destination network. The bandwidth calculation is made by using the lowest configured bandwidth of any interface along the route.