What is ip HTTP server command?

What is ip HTTP server command?

The ip http secure-server command enables the HTTPS server. HTTP authentication for login can be set using the ip http authentication [ enable | local | tacacs | aaa ] command. All default login methods and local authentication methods supported are the same as mentioned in the section, “HTTP.”

What is the purpose of the ip HTTP server command on a switch?

What is the purpose of the ip http server command on a switch? A. It enables the https server for users for web authentication.

What is no ip HTTP server?

Syntax. ip http port { portNumber } It is used to set the HTTP port. no ip http port It is used to resume the HTTP port to be the default port 80.

How do I enable Web interface on a Cisco switch?

Enabling Web and Secure Web Modes

  1. Choose Configuration > Switch > Management > Protocol Management > HTTP-HTTPS.
  2. To enable web mode, which allows users to access the switch GUI using “http://ip-address,” choose Enabled from the HTTP Access drop-down list.

What is ip forward protocol ND?

The ip forward-protocol nd command simply means that the router will forward ND packets for diskless workstations. This is rather obsolete. The ip http commands are for the HTTP server in the router itself. It is a way to configure the router with HTTP, and it means nothing to anything else connected to the router.

How do I activate AAA New-Model?

AAA is enabled by the command aaa new-model . It enabled by the command aaa authentication login default local. In this command, default means we will Use the default method list and local Means we will use the local database.

How do I access my GUI?

Accessing the GUI with URL or IP address Connect an Ethernet cable from the client to the WR2100. Launch a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. Enter http://www.mywifirepeater.net/ or into the address box and press the Enter key. The Login page appears.

What is the show IP HTTP help-PATH command?

Modification 12.4 (2)T This command was introduced. Use this command to display the current complete help path configured in the HTTP server. This path is expected to hold help files relating to the user’s current GUI screen. The following is sample output from the show ip http help-path command: Command Description

What does the IP HTTP Server command do?

This command allows the router to act as a http server. Nowadays, this command is mostly used to setup Cisco SDM. In this example we configure the ip http server command on a router to let it act as a http server.

What is the IP HTTP banner-PATH command?

This command was introduced. Use the ip http banner-path command to direct the user to the banner path. If the command is not configured or if the custom banner path does not exist, the server directs the user to the default banner page.

How do I enable http on my IP address?

ip http server. To enable the HTTP server on your IP or IPv6 system, including the Cisco web browser user interface, use the ip http server command in global configuration mode. To disable the HTTP server, use the no form of this command. ip http server . no ip http server . Syntax Description