What is IP SLA?

What is IP SLA?

IP SLA (Internet protocol service level agreement) is a feature of the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (Cisco IOS) that allows an IT professional to collect information about network performance in real time.

What is the use of IP SLA command?

IP SLAs is a feature included in the Cisco IOS Software that can allow administrators the ability to Analyze IP Service Levels for IP applications and services. IP SLA’s uses active traffic-monitoring technology to monitor continuous traffic on the network.

Which function does IP SLA ICMP echo operation perform to assist with troubleshooting?

ICMP Echo is useful for troubleshooting network connectivity issues. This module also demonstrates how the results of the ICMP Echo operation can be displayed and analyzed to determine how the network IP connections are performing. Your software release may not support all the features documented in this module.

How do I enable IP SLA responder?

How to enable IP SLA Responder in a monitored device?

  1. To enable privileged EXEC mode: Router › enable.
  2. To enable the global configuration mode: Router#configure terminal.
  3. To enable the IP SLA responder. Router(config)#ip sla responder. [or] Router(config)#ip sla monitor responder.

How is IP SLA implemented?

IP SLA config sets up IP SLA (Service Level Agreement Monitor) as active monitoring feature which allows to determine connectivity in two ways. Firstly, by checking IP destination availability. Secondly, by measuring specific parameters of the network along the given path.

How many IP SLA are configured?

IP SLA Source. The <#> is simply a number between 1 and 2,147,483,647 .

Which show IP SLA command displays number of succeed and failed tests?

Issue the show ip sla statistics command to display the number of successes, failures, and results of the latest operations. You can see that operation 11 has already succeeded five times, has had no failures, and the last operation returned an OK result.

How do I clear IP SLA?

IP SLA- How to Restart or Clear Counters of IP SLA Statistics

  1. R1(config)#ip sla monitor restart 1 >>>>> where “1” is Entry number.
  2. R1(config)#ip sla restart 1 >>>>> where “1” is Entry number.
  3. Round trip time (RTT) Index 1Latest RTT: 2 milliseconds.
  4. Round trip time (RTT) Index 1Latest RTT: 2 milliseconds.

Which IP SLA operation type is enhanced by the use of the IP SLAs responder?

UDP echo accuracy is enhanced by using the IP SLAs Responder at Device A, the destination Cisco device. If the destination device is a Cisco device, then IP SLAs sends a UDP datagram to any port number that you specified.

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