What is Kasi up unlimited?

What is Kasi up unlimited?

Kasi Up Unlimited and Kasi Up Turbo 5GB are Prepaid Data Add-On packages available for purchase by eligible subscribers.

Does Yes 4G have FUP?

When it comes to overall savings, there is no beating the value offered by YES Kasi Up. However, you may have noticed in the comparison table that YES Kasi Up does not come with unlimited data each month. Despite offering unlimited data quotas, all telcos has a fair use policy (FUP) that applies to unlimited plans.

What is YES prihatin prepaid plan?

YES Prihatin Special Unlimited RM15. Prepaid Data Add-On. Prepaid Hotspot Add-On. Prepaid Voice Call Minutes Add-On. Kasi Up Unlimited and Kasi Up Turbo 5GB.

Is yes under Celcom?

Yes has a >90% 4G/LTE coverage in Peninsula Malaysia only, while Webe 4G/LTE in some cities only and Altel matches Celcom’s coverage because of a roaming agreement….Coverage.

Operator Celcom
Market Share 22 %
Coverage of Population 3G
4G/LTE 94.5%

What is T&C for a yes free data?

To qualify for the YES Databack vouchers, Shopee users must spend a minimum of RM50 in the Shopee. Each additional RM50 spent will earn you an extra 5GB per RM50 spent, up to a maximum of 100GB of free YES data.

Which network does Yes use?

UPDATE: Yes 85% population 4G coverage is inclusive with its current WiMAX network. For LTE, it is built on top of their Yes 4G WiMAX footprint.

Can I cancel Yes prihatin?

Yes, you can terminate your existing Service Provider line anytime and continue your Prihatin Programme under a new Service Provider.

How do I get a free Yes phone?

  1. Nominate a student in need. Fill in the form with your details and the details of the nominated child and parent.
  2. Parents complete the form. If verified, parents will receive an email notification to complete their application and upload their B40 form.
  3. Free phone with 120GB delivered to nominated student.

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