What is KC 10A Extender used for?

What is KC 10A Extender used for?

Mission The KC-10 Extender is an Air Mobility Command advanced tanker and cargo aircraft designed to provide increased global mobility for U.S. armed forces.

How many planes can a KC-10 refuel?

The KC-10 Extender is one of the few jet aircraft in the world configured to haul military cargo, conduct aerial refueling missions and transport personnel at the same time. While the KC-10’s primary mission is aerial refueling, it can accommodate 75 passengers and transport 170,000 pounds of cargo.

How long can a Stratotanker stay in the air?

The Air Force projected that E and R models have lifetime flying hour limits of 36,000 and 39,000 hours, respectively.

How many KC-10 are there in the Air Force?

60 KC-10s
The KC-10 was the second McDonnell Douglas transport aircraft to be selected by the Air Force following the C-9. A total of 60 KC-10s were produced for the USAF. The Royal Netherlands Air Force operated two similar tankers designated KDC-10 that were converted from DC-10s.

How much fuel does a KC-10 burn per hour?

The Case for a Three-Tanker Air Force

Airframe Total Current Inventory Fuel Use per Hour
KC-135 “Stratotanker” 396 11,142
KC-10 “Extender” 59 18,099
KC-46 “Pegasus” 19* 11,500

How many fighters can a Stratotanker refuel?

These KC-135s are capable of refueling two receiver aircraft at the same time.

Is KC-10 still active?

The remaining Extenders from the 2nd ARS have shifted to the 32nd Air Refueling Squadron within the 305th Air Mobility Wing, which will become a “super” squadron until the last KC-10s at McGuire retire in 2024.

How much fuel can a Stratotanker carry?

It is a swept-wing, long range, high altitude, high speed jet transport. The KC-135 can haul either 83,000 pounds of cargo, airlift up to 80 passengers or carry 202,800 pounds of JP-4 jet fuel, most of which is transferable for global refueling missions.

What does the K stand for in KC-10?

E = Special Electronic Mission (EC-135) F = Fighter (F-15C) H = Search and Rescue (HU-25) K = Tanker (KC-10) L = Equipped for Cold Weather Operations.

How many pallets can a KC-10 hold?

The cargo compartment of the KC-10 can carry loads ranging from 27 pallets to a mix of 17 pallets and 75 passengers! During boom refueling operations, fuel is transferred to the receiving aircraft at a maximum rate of 1,100 gallons per minute!

How much fuel does a KC 10 burn per hour?

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