What is Kynar PVDF?

What is Kynar PVDF?

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), often referred to by its trade name Kynar®, is a high purity engineering thermoplastic with excellent chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, flame resistance, and UV stability. PVDF is widely used for chemical tank liners and semiconductor equipment components.

What is Kynar cable?

KYNAR/HMWPE Cable. Cathodic Protection Cable is a single conductor cable that is intended to carry a DC current to anodes and cathodes in a cathodic protection system. This specification describes a stranded copper conductor with dual insulation.

What is PVDF cable?

The thermoplastic fluoropolymer polyvinylidene fluoride, or PVDF, is often used as insulation in electrical wires due to its lightweight nature, flexibility and low thermal conductivity. KYNAR PVDF insulated cable is a top choice in the building and construction industry, particularly for its resistive properties.

What is PVDF insulation?

What is PVDF? PVDF, also know as, polyvinylidene fluoride or Kynar has good high dielectric strength and excellent mechanical properties over a broad range of temperatures, allowing for a thin wall insulation.

Where is Kynar used?

Kynar resin is often used in mechanical components like vessels and pumps, tanks and valves, filters, heat exchangers, and piping systems. It can be used to seal and protect metal pipes and sheets without fear of degradation.

Is PVDF electrically conductive?

The base PVDF conductivity strongly depends on temperature and frequency, while the maximum conductivity above the percolation remains nearly unchanged (∼10−2 S/m) for all the systems, temperatures and frequencies.

How is Kynar applied?

When Kynar is used as a coating, most of the time it is applied via electrostatic powder coating.

Is PVDF a Teflon?

Brochures. PVDF belongs to the group of fluorine-containing thermoplastics whose most well-known member is Teflon® (PTFE). In terms of chemical structure PVDF is related to PVC but on account of the fluorine atoms it has a more stable chemical structure.

Is PVDF a fluorocarbon?

This is not exactly the same thing as “Fluorocarbon resin.” PVDF is one of several Fluorocarbon resins. Another trade name used for PVDF is Hylar 5000.