What is Luxalon ceiling?

What is Luxalon ceiling?

Luxalon® 300C/ 300L wide panel ceilings allow architects to design a closed, smooth ceiling with high-performance aluminium or steel.

What is Hunter Douglas ceiling?

The Hunter Douglas Linear Closed Ceiling System combines three widths of panels which are distinguishable from other HD systems by their bevelled edges. When installed this ceiling system produces a closed smooth appearance.

What is baffle ceiling?

Baffle ceilings effectively control any unwanted acoustic issues including drifting noise and echo. They can help improve speech intelligibility, which can be particularly important in environments such as classrooms, and assist in meeting requirements such as BB93 in the UK and other international frameworks.

What is metal ceiling?

A metal ceiling is an architectural element, consisting of a ceiling finished with plates of metal with designs pressed into them. Metals such as aluminium, steel and galvanized iron are widely used in false ceilings. Metal ceiling tiles have been used in construction for ages.

What is metal ceiling tiles?

JITEX Metal ceiling tiles(Perforated-Tegular Edge) are ceiling tiles made of 0.40mm Thick Polyester Coil Coated Galvanized Iron (G.I) sheet with a Zinc Coating of 120 GSM.

What is baffle ceiling made of?

It is a set of vertically hung linear profiles in various patterns and combinations, made up of aluminium, wood or any sound absorbing material, that reduces the strength (level) of airborne sound. Baffle ceiling provides a view and access to the plenum area and concrete ceiling above.

What are the two types of metal ceiling materials?

Metal Ceiling Types

  • Planks: Metal ceiling panels with a length greater than two times their width are called planks.
  • Open plenum metal ceilings:
  • Curved metal ceilings:
  • Perimeter metal ceilings:

Where are metal ceilings used?

Metal ceiling solutions are mainly used in non-residential buildings, such as offices, hospitals, shopping malls and airports. Metal ceilings offer numerous advantages in terms of strength, accessibility and comfort.

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