What is magnetic moment formula?

What is magnetic moment formula?

Magnetic Moment Formula: The magnetic moment is a vector relating torque of an object to the magnetic field. This is mathematically represented as: τ = m × B.

What is the cross product in magnetic field?

Since the velocity and magnetic field are parallel to each other, there is no orientation of your hand that will result in a force direction. Therefore, the force on this moving charge is zero. This is confirmed by the cross product.

What is the relation of magnetic moment?


How is magnetic moment related to torque?

As the coil turns, the direction of the magnetic moment turns with it. If the magnetic field is unchanging, then the rotation of the magnetic moment will cause the torque to reverse direction, which means the torque cause the loop to accelerate the opposite direction.

How do you calculate the magnetic moment of an electron?

The magnitude of the magnetic moment is given in Equation 8.20: μ = ( e 2 m e ) L = ( e 2 m e ) l ( l + 1 ) ℏ = μ B l ( l + 1 ) .

What is BM in magnetic moment?

What is BM in the magnetic moment? BM is the unit of the magnetic moment. BM stands for Bohr magnetron.

What is the cross product of electric field and magnetic field?

By definition, the direction of the Poynting vector must be mutually perpendicular to both the electric and magnetic fields. This relationship is expressed in terms of the cross product of the two fields: S ⃗ = 1 μ 0 E ⃗ × B ⃗ .

What do you mean by magnetic moment?

Definition of magnetic moment : a vector quantity that is a measure of the torque exerted on a magnetic system (such as a bar magnet or dipole) when placed in a magnetic field and that for a magnet is the product of the distance between its poles and the strength of either pole.

What is relation between magnetic moment and angular velocity?

M ∝ ω M ∝ ω

Is magnetic moment and torque same?

When a magnetic dipole moment µ is positioned into a magnetic field B it experiences a torque τ = µ × B. The torque is an agent of reorientation just as the force is an agent of relocation. The torque τ aims to align the vector µ with the vector B.

What is the relationship between magnetic torque and force?

A magnetic field exerts a force on a straight wire carrying current; it exerts a torque on a loop of wire carrying current. Torque causes an object to spin around a fixed axis.

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