What is nojoom in Ooredoo?

What is nojoom in Ooredoo?

Nojoom is a programme used by Ooredoo and its partners to award Nojoom members with special Nojoom benefits and Nojoom points when using their Ooredoo products or services.

How do I redeem Nojoom points Ooredoo?

Redeem with Ooredoo Services

  1. Login to My account.
  2. Go to Ooredoo Services.
  3. Select the mobile number.
  4. Choose the services.
  5. Redeem with Nojoom Points.

How do I activate nojoom?

How to Redeem

  1. Nojoom members will visit the Ooredoo website or mobile App to make the redemption for Home Centre.
  2. Members to visit Home Centre branch.
  3. A dedicated person on the floor will be available to validate the vouchers for Nojoom Members.

How do I check my nojoom points?

Did you know that to check your Nojoom Points balance, all you have to do is dial *139# from your mobile phone?

How do you use nojoom points to pay bills?

The option to pay a monthly bill with Nojoom Points can be accessed via the Ooredoo My Bills section on the Ooredoo website, Ooredoo Self-Service Machines and Ooredoo IVR phone system (111), starting from today. Members can also use the Nojoom Bill Payment Reward option in the Ooredoo App to make a payment.

How can I transfer my Ooredoo data to another number?

Step 1: Dial *140# on your Ooredoo mobile. Step 2: Reply with your 6-digit mPIN number to access OMM Menu. Step 3: Reply with 1 to select Transfers Local Option.

What is Ooredoo surprise?

What is Ooredoo Surprise? Ooredoo Surprise gives you amazing offers, tailored exclusively to your needs. You can get internet, voice calls, international minutes, extra validity and even buy Nojoom points with generous discounts!

How can I recharge Ooredoo voucher?

Step 1: Dial *140# from your Ooredoo mobile. Step 2: Reply with your 6-digit mPIN. Step 3: Reply with “4” to select “Ooredoo Services” Step 4: Reply with “2” to select “Hala Top-Up” ….Select option:

  1. Data Recharge.
  2. Hala Top-up.
  3. Passport card.

What is Ooredoo treat?

Ooredoo Treats offers customers the opportunity to open up and redeem a Treat each time they log in to the Ooredoo App. Treats include discounts and offers from a wide range of partners on the awesome Nojoom network, as well as free trials of great entertainment channels.

What is win with Hala?

Ooredoo has rewarded the loyalty of its prepaid customers through its successful Win with Hala campaign. The main objectives of the campaign were to increase customer engagement and enhance customer satisfaction by offering telecomms and non-telecomms rewards and prizes when customers recharged their Hala lines.

How do I transfer my recharge from one phone to another?

Dial: If you want to transfer your mobile balance just dial *567*FriendMobileNumber*Amount#. Transfer Limit: You can transfer a balance from minimum Rs. 10 to Rs. 50 to another network.

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