What is NS2 transmission fluid?

What is NS2 transmission fluid?

RAVENOL CVTF NS2/J1 Fluid is a synthetic CVTF (Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid) produced on the basis of high-quality hydrocrack oils with special additives and inhibition which guarantees a perfect function of the CVT transmission.

What type of CVT fluid does Nissan use?

Nissan CVT Fluid NS-3
The required fluid for all XTRONIC CVT-equipped Nissan models is Nissan CVT Fluid NS-3. Do not use Automatic transmission fluid (ATF), Manual transmission fluid, or mix this fluid with other fluids, as it may damage the CVT transmission and void the warranty.

What color is Nissan NS2 CVT fluid?

Nissan CVT fluid is golden in color like motor oil.

Who makes Nissan NS-2 fluid?

Indemitus is the OEM for Nissan and their CVT transmission that take NS-2 and NS-3 fluids.

Can I mix CVT fluids?

The most common situation where the wrong transmission fluid is used is in the case of using automatic transmission fluid in place of variable transmission fluid and vice versa. Adding ATF to a to a CVT will eventually result in the death of your transmission.

Is Nissan NS-2 synthetic?

This fluid is a good NS-2 and NS-3 equivalent option for belt- and chain-driven CVT engines. It is formulated with full-synthetic, premium base oils to protect against wear and offer shearer stability.

How often should you change Nissan CVT fluid?

For most Nissan vehicles equipped with CVT transmissions, the fluid change interval is every 60,000 miles (96,000 km) or two years (whichever comes first). For “severe service” operation, Nissan suggests changing the fluid at 30,000 miles (48,000 km) or two years (whichever comes first).

Do I have to use Nissan CVT fluid?

Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid (CVT) CVT transmissions require CVT fluid. This fluid has friction modifiers that allow the belts to grip the pulleys.

Does Idemitsu make Nissan CVT fluid?

Idemitsu CVT Type N (NS-2) Transmission Fluid for Nissan – 5QT.

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