What is P line Discmania?

What is P line Discmania?

The P2 is a straight flying, but slightly overstable putter made by Discmania. This disc is stable enough that it can handle headwind throws and fairly long approach shots. This putter was designed specifically for pro players, but can be useful for disc golfers of all skill levels.

Is Discmania the same as Innova?

First launching in 2006, the Discmania Originals, manufactured by Innova, include many industry favorites such as the P2, FD, and PD. The same Discmania discs you have in your bag today will continue to be available. Learn more about Discmania Originals.

What company owns Discmania?

Discmania Evolution discs are manufactured by Latitude64 in Sweden. Discmania Active discs are manufactured by Yikun Discs in China.

What is Discmania Geo plastic?

GEO Plastic It is a bit softer than EXO plastic, but with better grip. Each disc in the Evolution Starter Set comes in GEO plastic. All discs in the GEO line are a little less stable than their premium plastic (NEO and LUX) counterparts.

What is Discmania best plastic?

X-line. X-line is absolutely the best choice of plastic for wet and cold weather conditions. This plastic blend has a very organic feel and probably the best grip out of any plastic material.

What is Discmania active?

Discmania Active is our disc golf collection for all levels of disc golfers at a new lower price point that has never been seen at Discmania. Don’t confuse low prices with low quality. Our Active collection includes both a base and premium plastic blend that can be found in the bags of many on Team Discmania.

What happened between Innova and Discmania?

The truth is that we have made substantial orders of Discmania Originals to Innova since the demand started to grow in 2020. We have pushed the production as much as we could. Innova has prioritized their own production and other brands’ production over us. That is a fact that we cannot control.”

Can Discmania players throw Innova?

TIL Discmania and Innova have an agreement allowing sponsored players to throw each other’s discs.

What is happening to Discmania?

After teasing news about the status of the Discmania Originals disc line 1 earlier this month, Discmania founder and CEO Jussi Meresmaa today announced the dissolution of the company’s 15-year collaboration with Innova. Meresmaa said plans for the future of the Originals line will be made available on Monday, June 21.

Which Innova plastic is the best?

The Star Plastic is considered by most as the top of the line for Innova. (Some may go with Champion) This All weather grip provides the feel of Pro and combines it with the durability of Champion resulting in Star Plastic.

Who started Discmania?

CEO Jussi Meresmaa
The beginning of our journey is the journey of one man, the Discmania CEO Jussi Meresmaa. Essentially everything started in late 1994, when Jussi got his hands on the very first golf disc, the Innova Gazelle.

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