What is pagoda in Bocaue Bulacan?

What is pagoda in Bocaue Bulacan?

The Bocaue River Festival, also known as the Bocaue Pagoda Festival, is an annual religious celebration in Bocaue, Bulacan, Philippines. It is known for its river procession dedicated to the Roman Catholic relic, the Holy Cross of Wawa (Krus sa Wawa).

Who is Sajid Bulig?

Sajid Bulig, as a great swimmer he is, was able to rescue four (in official report) drowning devotees. In his attempt to save more lives, he was hit by a giant wooden debris that caused his youthful life to end. His heroic feat was recognized after the news spread.

What happened Sajid Bulig?

What happened to Sajid Bulig? In the morning after the incident, Bulig was found to have perished. The Bocaue Pagoda tragedy was a fatal accident that occurred on July 2, 1993 during the Bocaue River Festival in Bocaue, Bulacan, in the Philippines.

How is pagoda festival celebrated?

The Bocaue Pagoda Festival was held at that time was that of the Sto. Nino, more commonly known as the Pagoda Festival. As ususal people rode a multi-leveled Pagoda especially built to float downstream. People were dancing, eating, singing and enjoying themselves.

What was the good deed done by Sajid Bulig?

What is the meaning of Singkaban?

decorated bamboo arch
“Singkaban,” Filipino word for decorated bamboo arch, is used as a welcome signage of a town, city or village in the country. It is widely used as decoration during town fiestas in Bulacan.

What is fiesta in Bulacan?

5 Fascinating Bulacan Festivals during the Month of May

  • Marilao, Bulacan Festival: Luyang Dilaw (May 2)
  • Meycauayan, Bulacan Festival: Liputan Fluvial Parade (1st or 2nd Sunday of May)
  • Pulilan, Bulacan Festival: Kneeling Carabao (May 14-15)
  • Obando, Bulacan Festival: Kasilonawan (May 17-19)

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