What is PbO2 called?

What is PbO2 called?

Lead peroxide. lead (IV) oxide. Lead oxide (PbO2)

What happens when PbO is heated?

when lead oxide is heated it decomposed to produce pbo and oxygen gas.

What is the specific heat capacity of iron oxide?

The reason why the specific heat capacity decreases with the addition of Fe2O3 powder, is that the specific heat capacity of the additive (Fe2O3: Ce = 570 J/(kg·K)) [20] is much lower than that of the base material (lime mortar: Ce = 931 J/(kg·K)).

What is the name of PbO?

Lead monoxide Lead(II) oxide
Lead monoxide

PubChem CID 14827
Molecular Formula PbO or OPb
Synonyms Lead monoxide Lead(II) oxide 1317-36-8 Lead oxide (PbO) oxolead More…
Molecular Weight 223
Dates Modify 2022-05-20 Create 2005-03-26

Is PbO2 a basic oxide?

Lead oxide is not a base because when it reacts with acid it forms chlorine along with salt and water. Thus, it is excluded from the class bases.

When lead 2 oxide is heated?

Lead (IV) oxide is thermally unstable and it tends to decompose into lead(II) oxide and oxygen upon heating. Whereas when lead(II) oxide is heated to around 450-480 °C, it forms lead(II,IV) oxide, also known as red lead or triplumbic tetroxide. If it is heated above 480 °C, reverse reaction will occur.

What happens when lead is heated?

Only upon heating lead to 600-800°C does lead react with oxygen in air to from lead oxide, PbO. Finely divided lead powder is pyrophoric, however, meaning it is a fire risk.

What is the enthalpy of FeO?

Enthalpy of formation of solid at standard conditions (nominally 273.15 K, 1 atm.)

ΔfH°solid (kJ/mol) -272.04
Method Review
Reference Chase, 1998
Data last reviewed in June, 1965

What is the heat of formation of Fe2O3?

824.2kJ mol-1
The standard heat of formation of Fe2O3 s is 824.2kJ mol-1 .

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