What is PIPFA equivalent to?

What is PIPFA equivalent to?

PIPFA is the full member body of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

How many papers of CA are exempted after PIPFA?

5 to 6 papers exemptions
Total there are 14 papers in PIPFA certification. On the basis of BBA you may avail upto 5 to 6 papers exemptions after evaluation.

What is PIPFA qualification?

PIPFA members joining the CIPFA network will build on existing skills and training to keep them up to date with the latest developments in public finance, gain accreditation and get access to a range of products and services to enhance knowledge, skills and career development.

How many papers are there in PIPFA?

14 papers
PIPFA – Academy of Finance and Accountancy Professionals. It has total 14 papers to pass excluding Practical Corporate Training Programs which needs to be passed before membership.

Is Pipfa equal to graduation?

We are also pursuing Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to grant PIPFA qualified/members equal to B.Com Graduate. Dealing also with Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Pakistan to allow PIPFA members for Tax Practicing.

Is CPA Pakistan recognized by HEC?

The certification awarded by ICPAP is widely acknowledged by the leading employers of Pakistan National and Internationals. The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan (ICPAP) is an autonomous institution and not affiliated to any University, nor is it a University under the UGC/HEC Act.

How many exemptions ACCA after Pipfa?

5 exemptions
Save up to PKR ~203,000….EXEMPTIONS offered.

ICAP Claim upto 9 exemptions
ICMAP Claim upto 9 exemptions
PIPFA* Claim upto 5 exemptions

How do I get exempt from CA Inter?

  1. You must have appeared in all the papers of a group.
  2. You must have failed in the Group and should have secured a minimum of 60 Marks in any paper of that group.
  3. An exemption is valid for 3 immediately succeeding exams and will be carried forward automatically for the next 3 examinations.

Is PIPFA equal to graduation?

How can I become a CPA in Pakistan?

Admission Requirement The candidates who hold a bachelor degree (14 years of education) in any of the disciplines i.e. B.Com, B.A, BBA, BSc, are eligible to apply in CPA program. The admissions are taken throughout the year as CPA is a distance learning program.

What is cipfa affiliate membership?

* If you are awarded CIPFA Affiliate membership, or are an ICAG member working in non-public sector, you can gain CPFA status by successfully completing exams from the CIPFA qualification. ICAG members taking these exams pay no exemption fees and are exempt from our workplace practical experience requirements.

Which is better CPA or ACCA?

The main difference between both the courses is that CPA is more about financial accounting, whereas ACCA is financial as well as management accounting. Both of these courses are highly qualified designation for professionals looking to make a career in accounting.