What is Porsche Sport Chrono Package Plus?

What is Porsche Sport Chrono Package Plus?

The new Sport Chrono Package Plus option is an all-new integrated system providing simultaneous enhancement for engine, chassis and the optional Tiptronic S transmission. The results are even greater performance and pleasure from your Porsche.

What does Sport chrono package include?

The Sport Chrono Package enables an even sportier tuning of the chassis, engine and transmission – and launches you to unprecedented sporty heights. The key component is the mode switch on the steering wheel, derived from the 918 Spyder.

Is the Porsche sports chrono pack worth it?

It gives you : a stopwatch/clock on the dashboard. telemetry capture in the PCM (useful on track, but also useful if you want to record where you’ve been) Sport Plus drivetrain mode, so less slushy gear changes, more friendly to using paddles for manual changes, slightly faster changes (if you’re really pushing).

Does sport chrono package include sport exhaust?

My two cents: Get the one with Sports Exhaust. The Sport Chrono Package includes the Sport + button. You can get Sport+ added by your dealer.

What is included in Porsche Premium Package plus?

Premium Plus Package

  • Panoramic Roof System.
  • 2-panel glass power sunroof w/tinted insert and remote closing function.
  • Front Seat Ventilation.
  • seat squabs and backrests in the front featuring 3 levels of adjustment.
  • LED-Matrix Headlights w/PDLS+
  • camera based detection of vehicles ahead and oncoming traffic.

What is Porsche Sport package?

What is sport chrono package in Cayenne?

The Sport Chrono Package also includes a separate PSM Sport mode, in which the driver can utilise the new Cayenne’s full driving dynamics. Reduced weight means lower fuel consumption and even more driving pleasure. World première: Porsche Surface Coated Brake with tungsten-carbide layer.

What is sports chrono on Porsche Macan?

The Sport Chrono Package provides even sportier tuning of the chassis, engine and transmission. It includes a stopwatch with an analogue and digital display and Sport Chrono functions in PCM to view, store and evaluate lap times as well as other driving stats.

What is Porsche sport exhaust system?

Porsche Sport Exhaust, also known as PSE. Factory exhaust upgrades designed to thrill. A dynamic exhaust system which changes tone based on your foot. Drive hard and the exhaust will be loud and aggressive, drive soft to get a civilized and quiet tone.

Does Sport Chrono include PSE?

A sport chrono equipped car will not have a PSE button.

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