What is PRC fitment in Telangana?

What is PRC fitment in Telangana?

The state government announced new PRC scales with fitment of 30 per cent (quantum of hike on basic pay) in March 2021 with effect from April 2021.

What is master scale?

Master scales are used exclusively to calibrate railroad test weight cars that are used to test railroad track scales.

What is the salary of secondary grade teacher in Telangana?

Secondary Grade Teacher (SGT) recruited through Teacher Recruitment Test (TRT-2017) will now get a minimum base salary of Rs 31,040 with the latest PRC. If the same teacher was hired before July 1, 2018, the minimum base salary would have been Rs 34,690 plus 30 per cent fitment on the old scale.

What is the salary of school assistant in Telangana?

65 Revised AAS Teachers Pay Scales From here….TS Teachers AAS Scales TS PRC 2020 – New Automatic Advancement Scheme Pay Scales.

Designation/ Cadre Pay 2015 Ordinary Pay Scale PRC 2020 Oridnary Pay Scale
Gz HM, Grade-II 35120-87130 51320-127310
Mandal Educational Officer
School Assistant 28940-78910 42300-115270

How PRC is calculated in Telangana?

TS PRC Calculator 2021: Know Your Basic Pay in TS PRC (Salary with New Fitment)

Existing Basic Pay DA @ 30.392% Fitment @30%
14170 4307 4251
14600 4437 4380
15030 4568 4509
15460 4699 4638

What is PRC in salary in Telangana?

In TS PRC 2021, the minimum pay is Rs. 19,000/-. What is the maximum pay in Telangana PRC 2021? In TS PRC 2021, the maximum pay is Rs.

What is PRC salary?

Average annual salary in P.R.C is INR 3.8 lakhs.

What is the salary of Sgt teacher in Telangana?

Basic Pay : 21230. DA : 5785 ( 27.248% ) HRA : 2548 ( 12% ) Other Allowances ( CCA/PHA ) : —…

Pay Details SGT/ LPT/ PET School Asst.( SA )
Basic Pay 21230 28940
DA 27.248% 5785 7886
HRA 12% 2548 3473
Gross 29563 40299

What is the salary of Sgt?

Sergeant salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.5 Lakhs to ₹ 10.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 7.0 Lakhs.

How is pensioners PRC fitment calculated?

How the Pensioners PRC Pay Fixation is Done Let us see with an Example:

  1. First the Basic Pension as on 1.1.
  2. Then Dearness Relief @30.392 as on 1.1.
  3. Then Fitment of 23% is to be added to the Basic Pension.
  4. Then Total of the Basic Pension and DR and Fitment gives the Basic Pension in the New PRC for the Pensioner.

What is meant by PRC for govt employees?

Last month, the state government ordered the implementation of revised pay scales to the government employees according to the 11th Pay revision Commission (PRC).

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