What is Previtellogenesis?

What is Previtellogenesis?

Previtellogenesis growth period: During this phase, no synthesis and accumulation of food reserve material, the yolk, takes place, but tremendous increase in the volume of nucleus and cytoplasm of primary oocyte occurs. There is qualitative and quantitative increase in the amount of cytoplasm.

What is Vitellogenesis process?

Vitellogenesis is the process of yolk accumulation by the developing oocytes in all oviparous species.

What is Vitellogenesis in fish?

Vitellogenesis is the process through which maturing oocytes in the ovary accumulate yolk. In most species of fish, this maturation process is seasonal and spawning only occurs once in the yearly reproductive cycle.

What is Vitellogenesis in zoology?

VITELLOGENESIS is the process through which food is progressively stored in the growing oocytes of oviparous animals, making up the yolk of the mature egg.

Which organelle is responsible for vitellogenesis?

So, the correct answer is ‘Lysosome’.

What changes occur vitellogenesis?

Vitellogenesis (also known as yolk deposition) is the process of yolk formation via nutrients being deposited in the oocyte, or female germ cell involved in reproduction of lecithotrophic organisms. In insects, it starts when the fat body stimulates the release of juvenile hormones and produces vitellogenin protein.

What is vitellogenesis and its significance?

What structure controls vitellogenesis?

Vitellogenesis is under the control of estrogens and is temporally regulated in the ovary, the upper part of the reproductive tract. Yolk precursors are synthesized by the liver, secreted into the blood stream and incorporated into the forming yolks by receptor-mediated endocytosis.

Is vitellogenesis a function of lysosomes?

Which cell organelle is connected with vitellogenesis?

Answer: In early vitellogenic oocytes, combined activities of the Golgi complex, mitochondria and rough endoplasmic reticulum in the cytoplasm are associated with autosynthetic vitellogenesis.

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