What is pulvinus and its function?

What is pulvinus and its function?

A pulvinus (pl. pulvini) is a joint-like thickening at the base of a plant leaf or leaflet that facilitates growth-independent (nyctinastic and thigmonastic) movement. Pulvini are common, for example, in members of the bean family Fabaceae (Leguminosae) and the prayer plant family Marantaceae.

Where is pulvinus located?

Hint: A pulvinus is a joint-like thickening situated at the base of a plant leaf or a leaflet that facilitates growth-independent nyctinastic and thigmonastic movement. Pulvini can be present at the base or apex of the petiole or even where the leaflets of a compound leaf are inserted into the rachis.

What is pulvinus Class 11?

Pulvinus is a group of cells present at the base of a leaf or a leaflet, which when loose water brings about the changes in the position of the leaves. It is also responsible for the folding of the leaves when flowers are touched or injured. 3Thank You. Related Questions. CBSE > Class 11 > Biology.

What is pulvinus and petiole?

Pulvinus is the swollen leaf base while petiole is the leaf stalk. Both structures are related to leaves of plants. Pulvinus is mostly present at the base of petiole where the leaf joints to the stem. It facilitates growth independent movements of leaves. Petiole attaches the leaf to stem.

Which of the following set of plants show pulvinus?

Legume plants
Thus, the correct answer is ‘Legume plants. ‘

Is pulvinus found in all leguminous plants?

– Pulvinus leaf base is present in leguminous plants. – Whorled phyllotaxy is a type of phyllotaxy in which three or more leaves are present at one node. – In Australian Acacia the petioles expand, become green, and synthesize food, forming a modification of a petiole known as phyllode.

How do you pronounce pulvinus?

noun, plural pul·vi·ni [puhl-vahy-nahy].

What is pulvinus botany?

Botany. a cushionlike swelling at the base of a leaf or leaflet, at the point of junction with the axis.

Is pulvinus leaf base is found in pea?

Thus, the correct answer is ‘Trifolium.

In which plants swollen leaf base pulvinus is found?

The swollen leaf based is called as pulvinus. It is present at the base or apex of the petiole. Pulvinus leaf base is commonly seen in leguminous plants.

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