What is self inspection?

What is self inspection?

Self-inspection is basically a method of objective overall review of one’s own operation on aspects that may have on quality effect on quality assurance. In general, self-inspection aims at identifying defects whether of critical, major or minor nature.

What is self inspection in pharma?

The self inspection is one of the key factors in pharmaceutical industry, to identify known and unknown non-compliance of the process, procedure, equipments, storage conditions, utilities etc., and will be regularized as per the current standard operating procedure or regulatory requirements.

What is checklist in pharmaceutical industry?

What is a Pharmaceutical Checklist? A pharmaceutical checklist is a powerful tool used to assist drug manufacturers in performing systematic safety and quality audits across their facilities, products, and processes.

What is a GMP checklist?

A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit checklist is a tool used by manufacturers to ensure that food, pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic products are of consistent quality and in compliance with manufacturing standards.

How do you do a self inspection?

Preparation of Self inspection Report

  1. Prepare a time schedule and area to be self inspected.
  2. Determine the self-inspection team.
  3. Prepare a self inspection checklist.
  4. Record all the observations and prepare an observation report.
  5. Distribute to the department head or Head QA (Head of quality assurance)

What are the benefits of self inspection?

A self-inspection program can be beneficial to any organization. It should involve everyone from top management to the front-line worker. The main benefit, however, is that it allows for the detection of unsafe conditions in time to provide countermeasures before someone is injured.

What is the difference between self inspection and internal audit?

Self inspection is assessment of resources in any field of operation by self (own department), whereas internal audit is an audit by a specific department in the same organization, for the purpose of ensuring the desired standard and ascertaining the meaningful uses.

WHO GMP audit checklist?

The FDA’s GMP Audit checklist consists of nine parts, covering:

  • Personnel.
  • Plant and Grounds.
  • Sanitary Operations.
  • Sanitary Facilities and Controls.
  • Equipment and Utensils.
  • Processes and Controls.
  • Warehousing and Distribution.
  • Holding and Distribution of Human Food By-Products for use as Animal Food.

What is GMP auditing and inspection?

What is a GMP Audit? Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) audit is an audit carried out to ensure that the products are consistently produced and controlled according to the quality standards appropriate for their intended use and conform to the regulatory requirements stipulated by health authorities.

What are some guidelines for conducting a self inspection?

There are three main guidelines you need to follow if you want to have a successful self-inspection: use the same type of checklist that the regulatory authority uses, identify all risks to food safety, and after the in inspection meet with staff to review any problems.

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