What is Shadwell famous for?

What is Shadwell famous for?

Sir William Henry Perkin (12 March 1838 – 14 July 1907) – born in Shadwell and at the age of 18 discovered the first aniline dye while doing experiments at his home in Cable Street.

Is Shadwell a good place to live?

With excellent neighbouring areas like Wapping and Shoreditch and convenient travel connections, Shadwell is fast becoming a desirable London area. You don’t need to be a maritime expert to make the most of living in Shadwell.

Why is it called Shadwell?

English: habitational name from any of the places so called, in London, Norfolk, and West Yorkshire. The first is named from Old English sceald ‘shallow’ + well(a) ‘spring’, ‘stream’, the latter two from scead ‘boundary’ + well(a).

How rough is Shadwell?

Shadwell has an above average violent crime rate and an above average property crime rate for London.

Who owns Shadwell Estate?

Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Since the Shadwell Estate in Norfolk was acquired on the instructions of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 1984, the operation has become a byword for breeding excellence. The Nunnery Stud celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019.

Who was Shadwell?

Thomas Shadwell, (born 1642?, Norfolk, England—died November 19, 1692, London), English dramatist and poet laureate, known for his broad comedies of manners and as the butt of John Dryden’s satire.

Is Whitechapel unsafe?

Yes, it’s safe, and it’s perfectly fine to walk around in the evenings. It can be quite busy – and at times that can mean a lot of people drinking. It’s not the most beautiful part of London, but it’s a good location, in terms of transport and proximity to fun areas such as Shoreditch.

What team is Shadwell Army?

It is the sequel to the 1995 film I.D. and like its predecessor it is set in the Shadwell area of London and follows a Muslim police officer who is sent undercover to infiltrate the hooligan gang connected to Shadwell Town Football club.

What postcode is Shadwell?

Area Information for Shadwell Place, London, E1 0FU. Shadwell Place is in the London region of England. The postcode is within the Shadwell ward/electoral division, which is in the constituency of Poplar and Limehouse.