What is shaft packing and seals?

What is shaft packing and seals?

A stuffing box—also called a stuffing gland, packing gland or packing box—forms a seal between the prop shaft and the hole in the hull through which the shaft passes while allowing the shaft to turn freely. It consists of a threaded sleeve and a hollow nut, through which the prop shaft passes.

What size shaft packing do I need?

The most accurate method is to measure the inside diameter of the packing nut and subtract 1.25″ shaft diameter and then divide by 2. FWIW, I have a h40. 5 with a 1.25″ shaft and my packing is 3/16″. I guessed once, bought 1/4″ and after struggling for a while I bought some 3/16″ that went in exactly like it should.

How long does shaft packing last?

Nuts Loose The rubber hose connects the bronze stuffing box to the boats shaft log and needs to be replaced periodically. If this rubber hose cracks, deteriorates or starts leaking, it can sink your boat. Most references suggest replacing the rubber stuffing box hose every seven to ten years.

What is a packing seal?

Packing seals have been the most widely used sealing solution for many years. Packing seals use rope-like materials that wrap around the shaft of a pump, filling in dead space and minimizing fluid loss.

What is the function of shaft seal?

shaft seal, also called Oil Seal, in machinery, a device that prevents the passage of fluids along a rotating shaft. Seals are necessary when a shaft extends from a housing (enclosure) containing oil, such as a pump or a gear box.

How do you measure shaft packing?

To determine the correct packing size, measure the diameter of the shaft (inside the stuffing box area if possible) and then measure the diameter of the stuffing box (to give the O.D. of the ring). Subtract the I.D. measurement from the O.D. measurement and divide by two. The result is the required size.

What is flax packing used for?

Flax Packing is used for shaft packing, and for leaky stuffing boxes. Flax Packing is braided from strong rovings and lubrication material. This combination offers higher performance and longer packing life. Flax packing ensures a drip-free stuffing box and leak-free propeller shaft.

What is the difference between gland packing and mechanical seal?

When considering gland packing vs mechanical seal solutions, mechanical seals are the best for minimizing sleeve damage. Packing seals are removed and replaced much more often than mechanical seals, which causes considerable wear and tear to the pumps as they are disassembled and reassembled.

How often does a stuffing box need to be repacked?

In a powerboat used regularly, the shaft packing should be replaced at least every other year. Sailboats may not need to have the packing replaced for five years or more, but when the stuffing box starts requiring frequent adjustment or if it begins to feel warm, it’s time.

What is the difference between mechanical seal and packing?

What is GFO marine shaft packing?

GFO Marine Shaft Packing is a braided propeller and rudder fiber packing that needs no constant maintenance. The GFO Marine Shaft Packing is already being used by the US Navy and Coast Guard and many commercial work and fishing fleets. The GFO Marine Shaft Packing is approved by the American Bureau of Shipping.

What are tides marine shaft seals?

Tides Marine Shaft Seals ‘ Design Lead To A Dry Bilge, Cool Prop Shaft, Low Maintenance Made from a strong, fiber-reinforced composite material, the Tides Marine Shaft Seal housing is durable and compact. The material used is not affected by temperature and will not absorb water.

What are PSS shaft seals?

PSS shaft seals by PYI are face seals, which bear against a contact face – a split ring that bolts around the propeller shaft and rotates with it, just ahead of the seal. A PSS shaft seal depends on the pre-compressed bellows to maintain a slight pressure, assuring just the right degree of contact between the seal and the rotating face.

What kind of seals does deep blue yacht supply carry?

We carry the full line of Tides Marine and PYI marine shaft seals, including inch and metric size as well as the maintenance kits. For the 5th year in a row, Deep Blue Yacht Supply has been named to the exclusive Seminole 100 list of honorees.

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