What is Solanum Ovigerum?

What is Solanum Ovigerum?

Solanum ovigerum is a plant of Solanaceae family, related to eggplant. It is often called the Ornamental White Eggplant or Easter Egg Plant.

Can you eat an Easter egg plant?

Can You Eat Easter Egg Plants? As delicious as they look, you may not want to eat them. Gena Lorainne, horticulturist and planting expert at Fantastic Services, tells CountryLiving.com that the plant is classified as inedible, but since they’re non-poisonous, some people do eat them.

Is the Easter egg plant a perennial?

Easter eggplants are a tender perennial that is normally grown as an annual in temperate climates. However, they can live and produce fruits for a few years if brought indoors during the winter.

Can you eat ornamental eggplant?

Native to Africa, the fruits are typically eaten when young and green when they’re sweetest, or when orange and fully ripened, which is when this particular fruit becomes more bitter. However, they’re also used in recipes good for bitter fruits when they’re bright and ripe.

Is bitter eggplant toxic?

The good news is that you can eat bitter eggplant. It’s safe to eat them but… do you really want to? Bitter eggplants are usually overripe, old, or quite possibly starting to rot. So although it is okay to eat them, they won’t taste very good.

Can you really grow an egg tree?

As a vegetable, the egg tree will grow very fast and demand a lot of sun — at least six hours daily. Indoors, a southern exposure will provide the most light, but as soon as the weather warms up, the egg tree loves being outside as a potted patio or porch plant.

How do you take care of an eggplant?

Eggplants do best when the soil is consistent soil moisture. Water regularly, especially when the plants are young so that they develop deep roots. Avoid overhead watering to prevent disease, but consider using mulch to keep soil moist, warm, and to keep weeds down. Generally, eggplants should get an inch (2.5 cm.)

What happens if you bury an egg?

As you prepare your pots with soil, simply include a raw egg at the bottom. Over time the egg will decompose and will work as a natural fertilizer for the seedlings. You can also use a crushed egg which works just as good as a whole egg.

What is the purpose of eggplant?

Eggplant is highly nutritious with beneficial vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Its regular consumption may improve digestion, promote strong and healthy bones, aid weight loss, improve digestive health, prevent anemia, lower the risk of developing cancer, regulate sugar levels, and improve brain function.

What is ornamental eggplant?

Ornamental Eggplant is a novel plant and is native to Southeast Asia. It will grow quickly to three to four feet tall. Very large leaves grow from a purple, thorny stem. Be careful of the thorns, when working with the plant.

How do you dry ornamental eggplant?

Be sure to dry the stems and fruit well. Hang the stems in bunches out in the sun or other warm but ventilated area until the leaves have died. Remove the leaves and display the stems in a dry vase or other container.

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