What is Spring Security context?

What is Spring Security context?

The SecurityContext and SecurityContextHolder are two fundamental classes of Spring Security. The SecurityContext is used to store the details of the currently authenticated user, also known as a principle. So, if you have to get the username or any other user details, you need to get this SecurityContext first.

What is SecurityContextHolder getContext () getAuthentication ()?

The HttpServletRequest.getUserPrincipal() will return the result of SecurityContextHolder.getContext().getAuthentication() . This means it is an Authentication which is typically an instance of UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken when using username and password based authentication.

What is security context in Java?

The SecurityContext provides an access point for programmatic security; an injectable type that is intended to be used by application code to query and interact with the Java EE Security API. Unless otherwise indicated, this type must be usable in all Java EE containers, specifically the Servlet and EJB containers.

What is WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter in Spring Security?

WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter is a convenience class that allows customization to both WebSecurity and HttpSecurity. We can extend WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter multiple times (in distinct objects) to replicate the behavior of having multiple http elements.

What is the security context?

The security context is the user account that the system uses to enforce security when a thread attempts to access a securable object. This data includes the user security identifier (SID), group memberships, and privileges. A user establishes a security context by presenting credentials for authentication.

What is GrantedAuthority in Spring Security?

Interface GrantedAuthority Represents an authority granted to an Authentication object. A GrantedAuthority must either represent itself as a String or be specifically supported by an AccessDecisionManager .

How does SecurityContextHolder Getcontext () work?

By default the SecurityContextHolder uses a ThreadLocal to store these details, which means that the SecurityContext is always available to methods in the same thread, even if the SecurityContext is not explicitly passed around as an argument to those methods.

What is security context?

What is security context holder in Spring boot?

The SecurityContextHolder is a helper class, which provides access to the security context. By default, it uses a ThreadLocal object to store security context, which means that the security context is always available to methods in the same thread of execution, even if you don’t pass the SecurityContext object around.

Can we have multiple WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter?

When using Java configuration, the way to define multiple security realms is to have multiple @Configuration classes that extend the WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter base class – each with its own security configuration. These classes can be static and placed inside the main config.

What is anyRequest () authenticated ()?

anyRequest(). authenticated() is that any request must be authenticated otherwise my Spring app will return a 401 response.

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