What is Sunduan Festival in Paranaque?

What is Sunduan Festival in Paranaque?

The Filipino term for “fetching”. This celebration in La Huerta features a parade of escorted young ladies holding colorful parasols. Brass bands fetch each pair and parade around the town.

When did Paranaque became a city?

824. Parañaque was later converted as the eleventh city of Metro Manila on February 15, 1998, and was chartered and urbanized through President Fidel V. Ramos during the celebration of the city’s 418th Founding Anniversary. Joey Marquez became its first city mayor.

What is the meaning of Sunduan?

The term “sunduan” is derived from the word sundo which literally means “to fetch” and relates to an old courtship custom of waiting on ones lady love, accompanying her to the town plaza, and bringing her home. Sunduan is another celebration unique to Parañaque.

What is the old name of Parañaque?

Palanyag, the original name of Parañaque, now one of the highly urbanized cities in Metro Manila and known for the famous Baclaran church. Parañaque is the largest area in the whole province of Rizal lies some 9.5 kms.

How did Paranaque get its name?

Where Parañaque City got its name – Palanyag. There are several accounts as to how the City of Parañaque got its name. One such story stated that long ago, at the mouth of what is now known as the Parañaque River, there stood a balete tree that, when viewed from afar, looked like a majestic ship.

What is the festival in Pasay?

Aliwan Fiesta is an annual event that gathers different cultural festivals of the Philippines in Star City Complex in Pasay wherein contingents compete in dance parade and float competitions.

Where is Pamaypay?

The City’s Foundation Day showcases annually the festival of “Pamaypay ng Caloocan”, with the use of “Pamaypay” or fan as it is showcased on techno-modern Folk Street dancing competition.

What is Paranaque known for?

Parañaque has long been noted for intricate hand embroidery, which has continued as a household industry. Fishing from rafts mounted with salambaos (large nets) is an important activity. The Manila Bay Beach Resort, a national park, is located there.

What is Pajotan de Sto Niño Festival?

Pajotan de Sto. Niño Festival (Last Sundayt of January) Derived from “Maypajo”, a shortcut of Pajotan, a local variety of mango specie clustered in manggahan area found in Caloocan City. This colorful procession/parade of different Sto.

Why sapatos festival is celebrated?

Sapatos Festival is a three-month long festival that usually begins in September. It showcases the creativity, craftsmanship, style and quality of shoes, a product Marikina is known for.

What is the Sunduan festival?

The Sunduan Festival, Mayor Edwin’s brainchild, is inspired by his desire to see the perpetuation and promotion of the city’s most valued traditions to make today’s youth and future generations aware of the city’s cultural heritage.

What is the history of Sunduan?

The romantic tradition dates back to the Spanish colonial period when the very first sunduan was recorded in 1876 in Barrio La Huerta in Parañaque, a practice that later spread to nearby barrios.

Will Sunduan festival be the centerpiece of Parañaque’s 16th cityhood celebrations?

Now, Mayor Edwin is embarking on a new initiative that has created a palpable buzz and excitement in the city: the holding of the very first Sunduan Festival as the centerpiece event of Parañaque’s 16th cityhood celebrations this February.

What is the importance of Sanduguan Festival in Mangyans?

In the agri-trade/fair exhibit, the locals show their different products like food and clothing. These products help boost their economy and showcase the things they do best. The Sanduguan Festival has given the Mangyans a renewed appreciation of their history and traditions.

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