What is Super Case II transport drug release?

What is Super Case II transport drug release?

In the case of anomalous transport, the drug delivery is due the both Fickian diffusion and swelling and relaxation of the drug delivery system matrix. In the super case-II transport, the release is ruled by the macromolecular relaxation of the polymeric chains.

How do you study drug release kinetics?

To study the release kinetics, data obtained from in vitro drug release studies were plotted as [d (Mt / M∞)] / dt with respect to the root of time inverse. Application: This equation has been used to the linearization of release data from several formula- tions of microcapsules or microspheres (40, 41).

What is drug release?

In the case of a polymer nanoparticle matrix, the drug is uniformly distributed/dissolved in the matrix and the release occurs by diffusion or erosion of the matrix. If the diffusion of the drug is faster than matrix degradation, the mechanism of drug release occurs mainly by diffusion.

What is Hixson Crowell equation?

dm/dt = (1/V ) k So (M /Mo)2/3 ( Ms – m ) Ms: the amount required to saturate the solution ( =VCs) the initial effective surface area can be expressed by using the specific surface area (Ssp= 6/ρlo ) as: So = SspMo.

What is fickian and non fickian diffusion?

The main difference between Fickian and Non Fickian Diffusion is the presence or absence of boundaries; there are no boundaries in Fickian diffusion whereas non Fickian diffusion has a sharp boundary separating the highly swollen region from a dry, glassy region.

What is release mechanism?

releasing mechanism in American English noun. Ethology. a hypothetical control complex in the central nervous system of animals that triggers the appropriate behavioral response to a releaser.

How do you calculate N in korsmeyer Peppas model?

One is to do the calculations manually Y = log(y) and X = log(x). A plot of Y vs X gives a slope m = n and an intercept b = log(k). The second way is to plot log(y) vs log(x). When you fit a straight line to this plot, the same results are returned for m = n and b = log(k).

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