What is Thanatophobia in DBD?

What is Thanatophobia in DBD?

Currently, Thanatophobia does not affect the Speed at which Survivors are Blessing a Totem. “Thanatophobia” literally means “Fear of Death”. It is a compound word consisting of Θάνατος (“Thanatos”) the Greek name of Death and -φοβία (“-phobia”) the Greek suffix used to form nouns describing a fear of a specific thing.

What is exposed DBD?

Exposed. The Exposed Status Effect puts Survivors in great peril, allowing the Killer to deal double-damage with their Basic Attack. When the Exposed Status Effect is triggered, a global sound cue plays and the HUD icon appears for all affected Survivors.

What does Freddy Krueger do DBD?

Overview. The Nightmare is a nightmare Killer, passively pulling Survivors into his Dream World where Survivors are vulnerable to his Dream Abilities. His Dream Projection ability allows him to quickly appear across the map and put pressure onto Survivors.

What does play with food do?

You become obsessed with one Survivor. Each time you chase your Obsession and let them escape, Play with Your Food recieves 1 Token, up to a maximum of 3 Tokens: Each Token applies a stack-able Several Percent Haste Status Effect, up to a maximum of Several Percent.

What killer has Thanatophobia?

Name Killer Rate
Thanatophobia Doctor 4.02
Thanatophobia Nightmare 4.01
Thanatophobia Trapper 4.01
Thanatophobia Oni 3.96

What does obsession mean in DBD?

The Obsession is the Survivor that the Killer is currently “Obsessed” with. This player is clearly marked with the Obsession claws on either side of their character portrait. Only one player can be the Obsession at a time, but which player is the Obsession can change multiple times over the course of the game.

What is blindness DBD?

Blindness. The Blindness status effect will temporarily Block The Auras of other survivors, meaning that the the outline that appears when survivors are using certain perks, or when they’re being hooked will not appear. The same goes for the killer as well, so they will be harder to detect until the effect wears off.

Can survivors see Freddy?

in this state every 8 seconds survivors will enter the dream world for 5 seconds but when in chase survivors will enter the dream world every 3 seconds for 2 seconds, while in the dream world survivors can see Freddy and hear his terror radius as well as perceive all his powers effects.

What is furtive chase?

Furtive Chase is a Teachable Perk unique to The Ghost Face . It can be unlocked for all other Characters from Level 40 onwards: Icon. Cost. 4,000.

How do you get bloodlust dead by daylight?

A chase with a survivor is initiated whenever a survivor starts springing within 12 metres of you. Most survivors will start springing as soon as they see a Killer, so it’s important to sneak up on them whenever possible. This will ensure that the chase is activated, and Bloodlust is triggered.

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