What is the analogy for cat?

What is the analogy for cat?

Type of Analogy Examples
object and group whale/pod, kitten/litter, bird/flock, cow/herd, lion/pride, wolf/pack
object and related object plant/sprout, butterfly/caterpillar, cat/kitten, mother/baby, dog/puppy

Do analogies come in cat?

Analogy is a topic which is not only asked in CAT but also in other entrance examinations like Bank PO.

Does non verbal reasoning come in cat?

This handy set of cognitive ability test (CAT) challenge cards includes 20 question cards for students in years 3 and 4. Each of the questions focuses on non-verbal reasoning. Non-verbal reasoning involves solving problems that are presented as pictures and diagrams.

What are the example of analogies?

These analogies take the form “A is to B as C is to D.” An example of an analogy that identifies an identical relationship is “Black is to white as on is to off.” In this example, the relationship between black and white (that they’re antonyms, or opposites) is exactly comparable to the relationship between on and off …

What are some good analogies?

Analogy Quotes

  • “People are like stained-glass windows.
  • “I like to imagine that the world is one big machine.
  • “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”
  • “What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.

What are an analogies practice questions?

Analogies Practice Questions. Analogies are test questions where a pair of words are given, and you are asked to choose another pair with the same relationship.

What are the commonly assessed relationships in cat?

Some of the commonly assessed in CAT are listed below: a. Cause and Effect Relationships b. Purpose or Usage d. Part—Part Relationships e. Object to Action Relationships f. Action to Object Relationship

What is the Cat4 exam?

The CAT4 is usually administered in three parts and consists of questions assessing: Verbal Reasoning (VR), Non Verbal Reasoning (NVR), Quantitative Reasoning (QR) and Spatial Awareness (SA). Questions are in multiple-choice format and there are five answers to choose from, labelled A-E.

Are there any practice tests for the Cat test?

Our CAT Practice tests cover these question types in timed sections and provide great practice for those taking any form of the Cognitive Ability Test. You can learn more about our highly accurate online CAT4 practice tests by clicking on the links below. These CAT Practice Tests are available to take online immediately after purchase.

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