What is the Appel program in Arkansas?

What is the Appel program in Arkansas?

APPEL is an alternate route to obtaining an Arkansas teaching license for those holding at least a four- year degree in an area other than education. It is preferred but not mandatory that the degree is in Computer Science or a related field. APPEL is a two-year preparation track.

Can you be a teacher without a degree Arkansas?

Arkansas requires all teachers in the state to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Additionally, the traditional route for acquiring Arkansas educator certification requires completion of a state-approved teacher education program from a CAEP-accredited college or university.

How do you get an alternative teaching license in Arkansas?

The Arkansas Professional Pathway to Educator Licensure (APPEL) is an alternative route that takes two years to complete, allowing candidates to actively work as a classroom teacher while completing the pathway requirements needed to obtain a standard Arkansas teaching license.

What is an ALP for teachers?

SCSD defines students that can access Advanced Learning Program (ALP) resources as: Students with outstanding talent who perform or show the potential for performing at extraordinarily high levels of accomplishment when compared with their peers.

How many teachers quit after the first year?

44% of teachers leave within the first five years in the profession. (That’s well over a third of new teachers.) In general, newer teachers are 2 ½ times more likely to quit than those who are tenured. Regardless, an astounding 8% of teachers start over with a new career each year.

What states accept Arkansas teaching license?

Arkansas Teacher Reciprocity Agreements

Alabama Kansas New Hampshire
California Louisiana New Mexico
Colorado Maine New York
Connecticut Maryland North Carolina
Delaware Massachusetts North Dakota

What are the two types of goals on an ALP?

The initial ALP includes academic and affective goals aligned to area(s) of identification and psychosocial development. In subsequent years, new achievement and affective goals are developed and monitored for progress.

What is an Alp goal?

Exceptional Children’s Educational Act (ECEA) defines “Advanced Learning Plan” as: A written record of a gifted student’s strengths, academic and affective learning goals and the resulting programming utilized with each gifted child and considered in educational planning and decision making. 12.01(2)