What is the best way to trap stink bugs?

What is the best way to trap stink bugs?

Homemade stink bug traps squash store-bought models, Virginia Tech researchers find. Researchers from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences found that the best way to get rid of stink bugs is to fill a foil roasting pan with water and dish soap and put a light over the pan to attract them.

Will a bug light attract stink bugs?

Light and reflective surfaces attract stink bugs when it’s dark out.

What kind of light attracts stink bugs?

UV black lights
According to Agricultural Research Service (ARS) entomologist and research leader Tracy Leskey, brown marmorated stink bugs are attracted to visual cues such as UV black lights and chemical cues such as pheromones.

Do stink bugs prefer light or dark?

Your home has lots of lights. Stink bugs are attracted to bright lights, Ruiz explains. If you tend to leave exterior lights on at night and you’re dealing with a stink bug problem, she says it’s not a bad idea to turn off your outside lights and pull your blinds before you head to bed.

Can I make a stink bug trap?

The homemade trap design is quite simple. Fill a large pan with soapy water and shine a desk lamp into the water. The light attracts the stink bugs at night and they fall into the soapy water and drown.

Do stinkbugs like LED lights?

If you need a light on your porch or near your plants, consider using a light that stink bugs aren’t as attracted to. You can use LED or colored lights that aren’t white.

Do stink bugs fly light?

Ensure that all openings are sealed tightly. This includes cracks around windows, doors, stucco or siding, your utility pipes, chimneys (if you have them) and other openings around the home. Stink bugs love to fly to the light and keeping a less attractive bulb in your lighting system is necessary.

What colors do stink bugs hate?

Because stink bugs are attracted to yellow, you can plant sunflowers, mustard, millet, garlic, or lavender as far away from your other crops and house as possible. Doing this will also attract more of the stink bug’s natural predators to help get rid of them.