What is the book Hoops about?

What is the book Hoops about?

Hoops, by Walter Dean Myers is a fast paced, action packed, fictional novel that focuses on Lonnie’s love for basketball; as he lives in a dangerous environment. In the story, Lonnie because he lives in a dangerous environment he acts in which other people in his area are doing; which in his case is negative.

What is the climax in Hoops?

The climax of the novel is where Lonnie sees Cal thrown into a car and shows up missing which sparks Lonnie to go looking for him in time for him to coach city finals.

How does Hoops by Walter Dean Myers end?

Lonnie gets wind of Cal’s involvement with a gang boss who wants him to throw the game, to lose on purpose. However, toward the end of the game, Cal puts Lonnie in the game, which results in a win.

Who is the main character in Hoops by Walter Dean?

Lonnie Jackson
Lonnie Jackson School is mentioned only tangentially in the novel, with most of Lonnie’s characterization focused on his choices, day-to-day activities, and relationships. Since Lonnie is both the protagonist and first-person narrator of Hoops, his emotions and observations are central to the plot.

What is the theme of hoops?

A vitally important theme in Hoops is the development of a healthier masculinity. Lonnie has many ideas about what it means to be a man, and so do all of the men around him. This means that Lonnie, at 17-years-old, constantly renegotiates the boundaries of masculinity.

What kind of book is hoops by Walter Dean Myers?

FictionHoops / Genre

What is the theme of Hoops?

Who are the characters in Hoops by Walter Dean Myers?

Paul, Ox,Walter,Jo-Jo and Breeze. Paul is basically Lonnie’s best friend. In the story they over come some obstacles in the beginning of the book. Ox,Walter,Jo Jo and Breeze are just some basketball buddies.

What is the main conflict in hoops?

The conflict is that Lonnie found out about the bet The plot of the story is the game of basketball symbolize the way of his life. For extinct his life his life wasn’t the best neither his game. cal impacted Lonnie they faced many challenges along the way.

Where does Night Hoops take place?

Setting. The realistic-fiction novel Night Hoops took place about 20 years ago in the 90’s in a small town, Bothell,Washington. In many areas the town is poor and there are numerous crimes comitted but there are some nice areas.

Is the book Hoops fiction or nonfiction?

His coach, Cal, knows Lonnie has what it takes to be a pro basketball player, but warns him about giving in to the pressure….Hoops.

Classification: Non-Fiction
Number of pages: 224,
Audience: Young adult

What is the setting of hoops?

This setting took place in Harlem,New York 1981. The plot of the story is the game of basketball symbolize the way of his life.

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