What is the creature in Skin of Evil?

What is the creature in Skin of Evil?

Vagra II. Armus was born as a by-product, or personification, of a procedure in which a “race of Titans” brought out from within themselves all evil and negative attributes that had bound them to destructiveness. The unwanted substance spread and coalesced into a dank and vile second skin.

Is Tasha Yar a Romulan?

Picard comes face to face with the daughter of Tasha Yar, a Romulan Commander in charge of this whole proxy war.

Was TNG Cancelled?

Star Trek: The Next Generation was canceled in season 7 at the apex of its popularity as part of Paramount’s plan to turn TNG into a movie franchise. Star Trek: The Next Generation was canceled by Paramount in season 7 for a few reasons, including the studio’s desire to turn the TV series into a movie franchise.

Who was the voice of the Skin of Evil?

Skin of Evil

“Skin of Evil”
Production code 122
Original air date April 25, 1988
Guest appearances
Mart McChesney as Armus Ron Gans as Voice of Armus Walker Boone as Leland T. Lynch Brad Zerbst as Nurse Raymond Forchion as Ben Prieto

Is Armus a Sheliak?

Armus was a creature that was the embodiment of the negative feels of a race of Titans, Which may have been the Ba’ul. I suggest that after evacuating Armus from them, the Ba’ul became the Sheliak from TNG “Ensigns of Command” (where the Human colonists must be removed from a planet in Sheliak space.)

Was Armus a changeling?

My personal view point tends to favor that Armus was an ancient Changeling who was punished and left on that planet stripped of most of his shape shifting ability and developed his stronger telekinetic abilities over the centuries of nothing else to do.

Why did Tasha Yar leave Star Trek?

Crosby denied the growing rumors of her impending exit during contemporaneous interviews published before “Skin of Evil” aired, but she had indeed quit the series, mostly due to the lack of character development given to Tasha Yar.

What killed Lt Yar?

creature Armus
Yar forms part of the away team that beams down to Vagra II to rescue Deanna Troi from a crashed shuttlecraft in “Skin of Evil”. She is killed by the creature Armus in a display of his power.

What species is Armus?

Armus is, as of the 24th century, the sole inhabitant of the planet Vagra II in the Zed Lapis Sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. He is an extremely malignant and hostile entity, made out of a non-organic substance which cannot be properly analysed by Federation tricorders.

What episode of Star Trek is skin of evil?

” Skin of Evil ” is the 22nd episode of the first season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, and originally aired on April 25, 1988, in broadcast syndication. The story premise was written by Joseph Stefano, and the screenplay was re-written by Hannah Louise Shearer.

When did skin of evil come out?

The first home media release of “Skin of Evil” was on VHS cassette on November 11, 1992. The episode was later included on the Star Trek: The Next Generation season one DVD box set, released in March 2002. It was released as part of the season one Blu-ray set on July 24, 2012.

Was Marina Sirtis tears in skin of evil real?

Marina Sirtis’s tears in the scene were real, as she was cued by Crosby standing off camera. “Skin of Evil” was not the last episode in the first season in which Denise Crosby appeared. ” Symbiosis ” was subsequently filmed after this episode, but was aired earlier in the run.

Who are the guest stars in skin of evil?

Guest stars in “Skin of Evil” included Walker Boone as Leland T. Lynch, Brad Zerbst as a nurse and Raymond Forchion as Ben Prieto. Even though this episode marked the death of Yar, Crosby would be credited for the remaining three first season episodes. Armus was created without any optical effects.

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